• Car Riders

    Car riders enter the building through the carpool entrance. Late arrivals must report to the office for a tardy slip before being admitted to the classroom. Faculty and staff are stationed throughout the school to ensure that your child reaches his/her room in a timely and safe manner. Parents must use the car line area AT THE REAR OF THE BUILDING to drop off and pick up students. Do not use the cafeteria parking lot; this lot is reserved for staff and K4 drop off/pick up.


    ***The back car line gate will be locked until 2:15 pm. This new procedure will further ensure the safety of our students.***



    All walkers must live within 1.5 miles of the school. There will be no front walkers unless the parent works at Kennedy or South Aiken, or lives within the 1.5 mile distance. Parents need to contact the Assistant Principal if a student walks to or from school.


    If approved, the student will be given a walker pass, and the person that receives that student will have to show his/her pass as well for K through 2nd grade students. The safety of our students crossing Pine Log Road is of great importance. We appreciate your cooperation. 

    Please note Millbrook Elementary students are not allowed to be dropped off or picked up in the Millbrook Baptist Church Parking lot for any reason.

    Transportation Procedures

    A signed and dated note must be sent to school with the student if a change is made on how he/she is to get home from school. No transportation changes will be taken over the phone. A note may be faxed to 641-2449 with a parent’s signature. Please call to be sure the fax was received. This is for the protection of your children.


    A. Bus

    Bus transportation is provided for any student living 1.5 miles or more from our school. Riding the bus is a privilege. If the rules are not followed, it is a privilege that can be revoked. If you have any concerns you may reach the transportation office @: 803-641-2507.

    Some examples of misbehavior on the bus are:

    > Standing/moving when the bus is in motion.

    > Putting head or arms outside the window.

    > Horse playing or fighting.

    > Making unusually loud noises.

    > Using profanity or making obscene gestures.

    > Throwing litter on the floor of the bus.

    > Eating or drinking on the bus.

    > Damaging bus property.

    > If your student is returned by the bus more than two times due to failure of parent/guardian being present at the assigned bus stop,   the student will receive suspension from the bus for the remainder of the semester. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    The standard consequences for breaking rules are:

    First Offense: Written warning

    Second Offense: 3 days off bus

    Third Offense: 6 days off bus

    Fourth Offense: 10 days off bus

    Fifth Offense: Off the bus for the remainder of the year.


    Early Dismissals

    Please send a note to the teacher to give advanced notice of any appointments that will require early checkout of your child. No student will be dismissed from school except at scheduled times unless written request is sent, and the parent comes to the school office for the child. Please be certain to limit this to absolute emergencies.  All students must be signed out in the office by a parent, guardian, or adult listed on the registration card and show a photo I.D.  Name MUST be on card, the office staff will not make calls for persons not listed on card. To ensure the safety of our students, we ask that all adults signing in to the school or signing out a student be prepared to show picture I.D. to the office personnel. You will be unable to sign your child out of school after 1:45 pm due to dismissal procedures. Also, please remember that the front drive way is reserved for buses only from 1:50 to 3:00.

    Dismissal Procedure During Emergency or Inclement Weather Situations

    In case of extreme weather conditions (hurricane, tornado, ice or snow), school may be opened late, dismissed early or canceled. ACPSD has adopted the ALERT NOW Notification System which will call your home with a message providing information about school closings due to inclement weather or other school emergencies. The superintendent of schools checks closely with the weather station and then individual schools are notified. Listen to the local radio and TV stations for information regarding emergency school closings/dismissal. They will carry all needed information as soon as a decision has been made. Do not call the school. Our lines need to be open for emergency information. Also, all emergency information will be denoted on the district and school website.


    School bus routes are not adjusted to accommodate early dismissals and/or school closings. Therefore, buses will complete normal routes delivering students to their usual destinations (bus stops). 

    *Please remember that in emergency situations when school closes early, your child must know what you expect him/her to do. Be certain you discuss your plan of action so your child knows what to do. A note must be written for any change in transportation.  We will not accept transportation changes over the phone. 


    Please click here for the Aiken County Public School District's Transportation page.