• Each student enrolled in Aiken County Schools shall be expected to attend school regularly for 180 days of the school year. Any absence shall require a note from a parent or guardian when the student returns to school. Notes from parents will be kept on file for the duration of the school year. The note is to specify the following: student’s name, parent’s signature, date(s) of absence, date the note is written, reason for absence, and parent’s daytime phone number. Failure to submit notes for absences within 5 school days will result in the absence being marked unlawful.  Family vacations and trips during the school year will be considered unlawful absences unless there is specific educational purpose recognized by the principal as a lawful absence. Approval by the principal must be made in advance of the trip. Any student who misses more than ten (10) days will be required to have a statement from a physician before additional absences due to illness will be excused.  All absences, whether lawful or unlawful, are charged against the maximum allowed. Students are recognized each nine weeks for perfect attendance. Students with any tardy violations or early dismissals will be excluded from the award.