Cafeteria Services

  • School food services will be provided daily for breakfast and lunch. Lunch/milk money should be placed in an envelope with child's name, teacher's name and grade, amount of money enclosed and days being paid for (Mon., Tues., Thurs., etc.)

    Please make checks payable to School Food Service. Do not combine lunch money with any other school fee or payment.  All lunch money is paid to the lunchroom manager in the cafeteria before school.  No money will be accepted in the lunch line. 

    The lunchroom manager may be contacted at 641-2588.

    Prices are subject to change.  Please check the district website's Smart Eating page for more information.

    • Students may qualify for free or reduced breakfast and lunch based on need.  Parents are required to complete the lunch form during the first 10 days of school.\
    • Lunch for the entire week should be paid for on Monday, however, you may pay monthly in advance. If your child does not bring lunch money, it is the responsibility of the parent to send a lunch with the child.
    • In case of forgotten bag lunches, the child will not be allowed to call home.  School lunch will be provided and parents will be billed by the cafeteria. If a parent brings in a forgotten lunch, they must check in at the main office and the office staff will deliver the lunch.

Charged Meals

  • Students will be allowed to eat as many as three days per year without paying before a written notice is sent to parents. On the third day a written notice will be sent to the parents, via the student, requesting payment.