• What is a PTSO?

    A Parent Teacher Student Organization is a formal group comprised of parents, teachers, students and school staff to facilitate participation in school activities to benefit students. A PTSO supports the educational goals of the school, extending those goals to the students.

    What Does a PTSO Do?

    • Encourages volunteerism and getting involved in community events
    • Hosts school functions for both parents and children to take part in
    • Enhances school spirit among students and staff
    • Provides teacher appreciation events
    • Assists financially through fundraising efforts

    Why is a PTSO Important?

    A PTSO promotes parental involvement by supporting their students, teachers, students and staff. A PTSO can address issues that are important to parents and school administrators alike. A PTSO can also assist in the overall success and well-being of each student.  

    Aiken County Parent Organizations Handbook and Forms