• Transportation Information

    The State of South Carolina provides school bus transportation for students living outside a given radius from the school. Bus students are under the supervision of the driver and must obey his/her requests in order to keep the trip safe.  Student problems on the bus should be reported to the driver before the student sees an administrator. 

    • Students are under the jurisdiction of the school as soon as they board the bus at the bus stop – all district behavior policies apply.  Students may not get off the bus until it reaches SAHS.  Upon arrival, they may not leave school after arriving by bus in the morning, nor are they permitted to leave campus before getting on the bus in the afternoon.  While riding home, students must depart the bus at the correct stop. 
    • No SAHS student may go to Kennedy Middle School to board a bus. 
    • Students MAY NOT ride a bus other than their regular bus. 
    • Students MAY NOT have other students ride the bus home with them.