• The KMS Buddy Club is a social and service learning club with a focus on fostering friendships and inclusion for all students with and without disabilities. The Buddy Club members will partner with students in Mrs. Cady’s and Mrs. Collum’s classes.   The selection process for student membership is this application and a meet and greet. We ask that you take the application process seriously and ensure all portions are completed in full.

    Several students will apply for membership, however, only 60 students will be selected for the 2019-2020 school year. Our goal is to provide each student with three peer Buddies. Buddies will be on a rotational schedule for field trips and outings to ensure that Buddies are not missing too many classes or too much school work. Buddy Club meetings will take place during the school day during the time designated for lunch or advisory.

    Interaction is encouraged but not at the expense of your education. Attendance in class, course work, and adherence to the discipline policy come first and foremost before your involvement with the Buddy Club. Dismissal from Buddy Club will occur if there is an issue with any of the above stipulations or at the advisor’s discretion.

    We encourage positive social interaction between our population of students and their peers without disabilities. We EXPECT our Buddies to set positive examples of friendship, but if you pretend to be a "boyfriend/girlfriend" to one of our students, you will be dismissed from the club, the goal of Buddy Club is to foster friendships not relationships. We will not tolerate affection among club members (i.e.hugs/kisses/hand-holding/etc.) these actions are grounds for dismissal from the club. Instead, we encourage Buddies to high-five, fist bump, or shake hands with our population of students and each other when around our students.

    Events: During outings/events, Buddies are expected to stick with their buddy and assist them will all aspects of the activities. Buddies need to ensure their buddy is safe, on-task, and where they should be during events. Buddies will be rotated for the various events to ensure our students have interaction with various peers. Buddies will be asked to attend various events including; Project Unify Events, fieldtrips into the community, Special Olympics, End-the-R-Word Rally, etc. Note events should not interfere with your school attendance or assignments.

    Sponsor Information:

    Jennifer Cady                       

    Room: 803                                     


    Carole Collum

    Room: 712


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