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Cynthia Hall

Dear Parents, 

As many of you know I am expecting my first child in September. Consequently, I will be going on maternity leave starting on September 5th 2019. Barring any complications, I am planning to return to the classroom on January 3rd 2020.  I will miss each one of my students while I am away on maternity leave, but trust that they will continue to thrive under the guidance of my substitute.  

In my absence, Ms. Cynthia Hall will be teaching my class. She is a certified Middle Level teacher with a degree in educationMs. Hall comes with years of teaching experience and has been a part of the Aiken County School district for 35 years. She was a former teacher at Aiken Middle School and currently acts as Quiz Bowl Coordinator and homebound instructor for the district. I feel confident she will be a good fit for the needs of my students. She also has my contact information if any help with the class is needed while I am gone. 

During my time away she will continue to follow all procedures and expectations laid out so far this year. Curriculum will continue to be put together by the entire Aiken Intermediate Language Arts team. This means your student will continue to receive the same high level, quality work as all other ELA classes across the schoolMs. Hall will be available for parents/guardians to contact regarding a student’s performance in class. Her contact information is at the bottom of this letter and posted on my teacher web page. Please feel free to contact her with any information or questions you may have. She has already spent a few days becoming acquainted with the students and classroom.  

We have experienced a wonderful start to the new school year. I look forward to seeing you all again when I return to the classroom and return to work with your children. 



Alexis Leasure  


Cynthia Hall