• History

    Warrenville Elementary School is located in Warrenville, South Carolina. Our school was named for Charles Warren Davis when he bought the mill in the 1890's. Warrenville Elementary is one of the Area Three Schools of the Consolidated School District of Aiken County. Area Three Schools are located in the Horse Creek Valley area of Aiken County, which extends from Vaulcluse to the Georgia state line on the Savannah River. Warrenville feeds into two middle schools, Leavelle-McCampbell and Langley-Bath-Clearwater (LBC). The middle schools feed into Midland Valley High School. Warrenville Elementary is a public education facility accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

    The original Warrenville Elementary School was located on four acres of land at Timmerman and Verdery Streets, approximately one block from Highway 421, in Warrenville, South Carolina. Built by the Graniteville Manufacturing Company in 1925, the school was sold to the Consolidated School District of Aiken County for the bargain price of $1.00! However, there was a reversion clause for the property to be returned to the local textile manufacturer if the building should ever cease being used for educational purposes. The original building consisted of eleven classrooms built around a central auditorium on two floors. In 1954, an addition which included two classrooms and a cafeteria was built. Today the original building is a senior apartment building.

    On January 3, 1995, the new Warrenville Elementary was opened. the new state-of-the-art school is located on twenty acres of land at 569 Howlandville Road, approximately two miles from the original school. Built to accomodate 500 students, the present site has eighteen regular classrooms, a music room, an art room, a central workroom, a media/library facility, an office complex, two speech rooms, a computer lab and a cafeteria. Two mobile units house two Kindergarten classes. During the 1996-1996 school year, rezoning increased enrollment to approximately 395 students. With the development of new neighborhoods nearby, enrollment has stabilized at over 400 students.

    Warrenville Elementary students have won three state awards in the Invent America Program sponsored mainly by the K-Mart Corporation. The school has been a four-time recipient of the South Carolina School Incentive Award. Between the school years 1996-1997 and 1999-2000, the school received grants totaling approximately $58,000. For the 2000-2001 school year, Warrenville Elementary received its fourth consecutive $10,000 Target 2000 Grant. In 2003-2004 the school received a $3,000 grant from Public Education Partners to develop a schoolyard habitat project. the school has also been awarded an HP Grant, totaling $35,000 for technology and professional development, a grant from Leapfrog for $10,000, as well as Westinghouse, Toshiba, EIA, and various other travel study grants. The school also received the Palmetto Silver Award during the 2006 - 2007 school year for improvement in PACT scores and was recognized for closing the achievement gap (equalizing test scores of various subgroups) the same year.



    Warrenville has been recognized as a Palmetto Gold and Silver school from (2006-2007) and (2009-2010). Warrenville has also been recognized as a Red Carpet School from (2009-2012) for our friendly atmosphere and outstanding customer service.