Hello, my name is Mrs. Berg.  I have been teaching Art for 18 years.  I have taught Art at Mossy Creek Elementary since 2008.  I live in Evans Georgia with my husband, two sons, two dogs and one cat. 

    If you have any questions or concerns please contact me through me email address: aberg@acpsd.net or phone (803)442-6090. I am available daily 9-11am and 1-3pm.   

    We will experience lots of art projects this year. Our projects focus on using our imaginations, on materials, art history, and art vocabulary. Occasionally, some projects may change or new ones added. Due to class cancellations or sudden bursts of creativity, our plans stay flexible! Look for lots of of kids' art in the school and in your child's bookbag! I'm sure you'll hear lots of great stories about the art-making process if you ask you little ones!


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    Always thankful for any donations to your child's art class! Thank you for your support!

    Baby wipes

    Black sharpies

    Crayola markers and crayons

    Egg cartons