• Warrenville Elementary - Mission Statement, Vision and Goals 

    Mission Statement

    The mission of Warrenville Elementary School is to provide its students with educational tools and skills necessary to become productive citizens in a global society by setting high standards in academic performance and student behavior.

    Belief Statement

    We Believe..

    * Education is a life-long learning process,

    * Education should prepare children in the 21st Century to be productive citizens,

    * Education begins in the home, extends to the school, then to the community,

    * Education is the responsibility of each individual,

    * Education is an essential component for a well-balanced life.


    We envision...

    * A school that provides an academically challenging curriculum,

    * A school that provides safety and security for the student,

    * A school that is aesthetically attractive, adequately equipped, and meets the demand for a high quality program,

    * A school where teachers and staff are of the highest quality,

    * A school that works collaboratively and cooperatively with the community,

    * A school where students are motivated to learn.


    Goal #1: Help all children meet challenging academic standards.

    Goal #2: Build a solid foundation for learning for all students.

    Goal #3: Prepare students for life-long learning skills and behaviors that contribute to society.