• 2016 Annual SIC Annual Report

    Student Intervention Team           

    Principal: Denise McCray

    SIT Coordinator / 504 Coordinator: Kamar Lee

    School Psychologist:  Mungera Cash

    Guidance Counselors: Katrina Brooks and Tasha Miller



    What is the School Improvement Council (SIC)? The SIC is a team of school stakeholders- Administration, Teachers, Parents, other community members- who work together & collaborate on ways to improve the school.

    Why should I get involved? Being a part of the SIC is a way to help build relationships with the school administration, teachers, and the community. SIC team members are able to give input and insight on ways we can continually make improvements in order to ensure the success of Schofield Middle School.

    How do I become part of the team? If you are interested in becoming a part of Schofield’s SIC Team, you may nominate yourself or another person willing person by completing the form below.

    SIC Team Nomination Form