• Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures

    These procedures are in place to ensure the safety of all of our students. Please do not leave your children outside the building before 7:00 a.m.


    Transportation Changes/ Notes

    Each day when your child arrives he/she should know how they are getting home. If your child does not have a note (signed & dated), we will send him/her home by bus or car according to the registration card. If a car rider needs to ride a bus or a bus rider needs to go to the car line, you must send a note with the child. Students will not be allowed to change their usual way of departing school without a written note from the parent or guardian or a message delivered by the office. The office will accept emergency changes until 2:00 p.m. each day. After 2:00 p.m. dismissal procedures are in place and no changes will be allowed except in the case of an extreme emergency. The teacher/office will not accept the child’s word, the parent/guardian must write a note.

    Early Sign Out

    If a student is signed out early, you will need to show a picture ID. Students can't be signed out after 2:00 p.m.


    Morning Arrival Procedures

    All car riders should be dropped off after 7:00 AM at the front entrance of the school. A parent is to walk with them if they cross the crosswalk. Students who arrive before 7:30 AM must report to their classrooms where their teacher is receiving students. Students arriving after 7:30 AM and 7:45 AM should report directly to their classrooms and will be marked tardy. Anyone arriving after 7:45 AM should be walked inside by an adult to the office for a tardy notice to report to class.  Parents are not allowed to walk students to classrooms after 7:30. Students who arrive on a late buss will not be counted tardy.
    It is imperative that car drivers follow the established one-way traffic pattern. If you must park your car, do so only in the parking spaces in the front parking lot. Please do not stop along the yellow curb in front of the school. Parents should not park in staff parking and must have a decal to park in the handicap spaces. When arriving to school, students should be ready to get out of the car as soon as your car comes to a complete stop.

    ***At NO TIME should a student be dropped off in the back parking lot. This area is not supervised in the morning. The back parking lot is for faculty and staff members, school buses, and approved daycare transportation.


    Students wishing to eat breakfast must report to the cafeteria befoe going to their classrooms. Students must arrive before 7:25 AM if they plan to eat.

     Afternoon Departure Procedures

    Afternoon car riders must be picked up at the front covered walkway in front of the school. Students will remain in multipurpose (gym) room while waiting for their car to be announced. It is imperative that students remain quiet during this time so that they can hear when their car is announced. Students should not leave the designated area unless they hear their car announced or told to do so by on-duty staff. Please follow the directions handed out at registration regarding car rider traffic. Parents are asked to not form a double line in the afternoon car line until 2:00p.m.

    All students must be picked up from school no later than 3:00. Any parents who arrive after 3:00 p.m. must come inside to sign children out. If students are not picked up by 4:00 p.m. Public Safety will be contacted if a student is not picked up.