• Arrival Procedures:

    1. Upon Arrival to school, seventh and eighth grade students should report to the gym.
    2. Sixth grade students should report to the 6th grade wing.
    3. All students with instruments may report to their music classrooms to store their instruments no earlier than 7:40 AM.
    4. Students should not enter any other part of the building until the bell rings for school to begin unless they are in the cafeteria to eat breakfast, have permission to work with a teacher in his/her classroom, or have received a pass from the teacher on duty to go to the library.
    5. Students should not be dropped off before 7:20 AM as there is no supervision on campus prior to this time.

    Bus Riders:

    1. Students should report tot the gym and sit in designated area and follow all adult directives.
    2. Once dismissed for their bus, students should not approach the bus until the bus comes to a complete stop and the driver opens the door.
    3. Bus riders may not get on or off at a stop that is not their designated stop.
    4. Bus riders may not ride a bus that is not their regular assigned bus.
    5. All bus riders seeking approval for a change on the bus must contact the transportation office.

    Car Riders:

    1. Car riders should have drivers drop them off at the end of the sidewalk near the bus drop off area.
    2. Student pick up should be in front of the school utilizing the carline. Please pull up as far as possible so we may load several cars at once.
    3. Students should not walk to unauthorized areas such as HWY 421 to be picked up.
    4. For Safety purposes, students and parents will adhere to safety/traffic rules as directed by teachers/administrators on duty. While waiting for dismissal, all occupants must remain inside vehicles.
    5. Due to safety and traffic concerns, we respectfully request that alternate modes of transportation (i.e. limos) not be used to pick up students. Should you choose to do so, please arrange an alternate pick-up location or have the vehicle park on the back side of the circle so as to not interfere with the carline.
    • Failure to obey these directives after warnings will result in a discipline referral for students and possible law enforcement for traffic issues as deemed necessary by administration.