Mrs. Brown



    I have been teaching 36 years, 20 of those here at Aiken Middle School. I graduated from the University of Florida where I first became a GATOR! I enjoy teaching Pre-Algebra and Math 6 at AMS where the students are "AWESOME".  I am happy to be a part of the educational journey providing my 6th graders with the mathematical skills to become successful in their present and future math courses.  It is my hope that the skills my students learn in my math class this year will stay with each of them long after they leave my room.

    Contact information: 

    Mrs. Brown, Room 104

    Phone: (803) 641-2570


    ACPSD Lead Teacher (Mathematics)

    Lead Teacher


    ING Unsung Hero Award Winner

    Toshiba Award Winner

    Teacher of the Year (1999, 2008)

    Excellence-In-Teaching Mini Grant Winner

    Air Force Educator Grant Winner


    ACPSD Lead Teacher (Mathematics)

    Teacher: Math 6th and Pre-Algebra 6th

    Communications Laiason (Social Media)

    Grade Chair

    Student Council Sponsor

    ACPSD Lead Mentor


    Class Schedule:

    8:00-8:30 : Advisory (Math Gap Standards)

    1st period : Math 6

    2nd period : Math 6

    3rd period : Lunch

    4th period : Pre-Algebra

    5th period : Pre-Algebra

    6th period : Pre-Algebra

    7th period : Planning

    "Numbers are the highest degree of knowledge. It is knowledge itself." Plato