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Degrees and Certifications:

BA Early Childhood Education

Ms. Jennifer Kern



My name is Jennifer Kern. I graduated from Coastal Carolina University in 1993 with a degree in Early Childhood Education. I have been teaching at Redcliffe Elementary for 29 years, this year starting my 30th, and most of those years have been spent teaching in a 4K classroom.  I absolutely love my students (my kids), and their families too!  I can't imagine doing anything else with my life.


I am a mother to 3 children.  My oldest graduated from Clemson University in 2016 and will be teaching 2nd Grade at Byrd Elementary next year.  My middle child graduated from Fox Creek High School and works for a local restaurant.  My youngest is currently attending Coastal Carolina University and majoring in Business and Entrepreneurship.


My assistant teacher is Jennifer Akins.  This will be our third year working together, and we make a great team!  Mrs. Akins has 2 children.  Her oldest is in High School at Silver Bluff and enjoys playing baseball, and her youngest is here at Redcliffe and is an amazing dancer.  She will be spending her summer at the baseball field, and relaxing whenever she can find a break.  


I plan to spend my summer relaxing in the pool and hanging out at the beach as much as possible.  We look forward to meeting you and your child in the fall.






Ms. Kern and Mrs. Akins

4K Classroom



Dear Parents,

Your child is very special and we are really looking forward to having him/her in our class this year.  Two of the keys to success for our program are parent involvement and cooperation.  Hopefully you will take advantage of all the parent involvement opportunities throughout the year.  Since your child’s well being and safety are of the utmost concern, we will have to have your cooperation by asking that you adhere to some special rules.


  1. Please be prompt for school. We ask that your child come to the Kindergarten Pod (4K) in the mornings. Children are not to arrive before 7:00 am. There will not be any teachers on duty before 7:00 am. Please drive all the way down as close as possible to the Kindergarten Pod before letting children out of the car.  At this time you are not allowed to walk them in.  Please park only in marked parking spaces.  The drop off lane is a single car lane; cars are not to pass other cars.


The school day begins at 7:30.  Your child will be marked tardy if he/she arrives after 7:45.  Before 7:30 he/she will need to wait in the Kindergarten Pod (outside our classroom K-2).


Also, please pick your child up in front of the school if he/she is a car rider.  Your child will be in front of the Kindergarten building (inside our pod) in the afternoons at 2:30.  Please stay in your car.  We will walk them out to you and put them in the car. Please make sure your child is able to fasten his/her seatbelt so you will not hold up the carline.  If the only child you need to pick up is a 4K student, you may park in a parking space and walk up to get your child from the fenced-in area at 2:15.  Once the carline starts moving at 2:30, you will be required to pick up your child using the carline


It is important that you have your child at the bus stop on time. Please be prepared to get your child on the bus as quickly as possible. This will help the bus drivers stay on their schedules. Bus riders will be dismissed from school at 2:30 and placed on their busses by a teacher.  Please make sure an adult is at home when your child arrives. 


2.When your child is absent, please send a written and dated excuse upon returning to school.


3.Your child will need a clear book bag.  When purchasing a book bag, please try to buy one that is large enough to hold a folder. Your child’s name should be written on the outside of his/her book bag.


4.Please send a change of clothes to be kept in your child’s book bag.  As the seasons change, please replace the changing of clothes to meet the needs of the weather.


  1. Do not send your child to school in his/her best clothes. We will be painting, playing with play dough, and participating in other activities that may be messy.


      6.To avoid confusion, please label all of your child’s belongings.  Please do not send any toys to school with your child.


  1. Since the telephone is our major contact with you, please make sure we have working telephone number and several additional numbers. Children do get sick or hurt and we must be able to contact you.


8.We know that four-year-olds are frequently sick.  Do not send your child to school if he/she has been running a fever or has had an upset stomach (vomiting/diarrhea) within the last 12 hours.



Thank you for letting us love your child this year!


Jennifer Kern/Jennifer Akins