• You are about to embark on a journey through the Health Science Careers Pathway.  The courses offered in this program include Health Science 1, Medical Terminology, and Health Science 2 (CNA, phlebotomy certifications).  If you choose to be a completer in this program (4 credit hours), you will have the opportunity to graduate  with a CNA and phlebotomy certifications as well as CPR/First Aid certification.  In order to take Health Science 2, you must complete Medical Terminology, as well as Health Science 1 with an 75% or higher year average.  I am hoping to add medical coding, ECG, and a CERT certification over the next couple of years.


    All classes in the Health Science program have the same expectations:

    1. Be professional at all times.

    2. Give your best effort in all your work.

    3. Participate in all classes

    4. Enjoy the learning process


    I will be available most days after school if you need additional help, please stop by.


    The best way to contact me is by email: tiffanym@acpsd.net.