Reading Logs

  • Reading log Schedule Through the end of the year:

    4/22- graded 

    4/29- grade

    5/6- graded

    5/13- extra credit

    5/20- extra credit

    5/28- extra credit


    Parents and guardians,

    We are starting a new semester, and this is the perfect opportunity to get a fresh start on weekly reading logs!

    The reading log requirements are:

    read 4 days a week for 10 minutes or 10 pages

    Record the reading on a sheet of paper ( some students use a notebook)

    The Log should have the following information: the title of the text; the date; the amount of time or pages read; and an adult initial (this can be any adult-including a teacher at school- who wittnessed the child read)

    2 of the 4 days should include a written portion, where the student answers the 5 w's about their reading (who, what when, where, why) and writes one sentences to sum it up.

    Each day of reading is worth 20 points and the writing portion is worth 20 points.

    Reading logs are collected on Mondays, and can be turned in at any point for the week they are due, but 10 points are deducted if they are late.


    ** Extra credit reading logs take the place of a missed reading log**

    All reading logs are worth a classwork grade.

    There will be 6-7 reading log grades per quarter

Student reading log sample