• Need to know information

    Yellow folder

    Your child has received a yellow folder that says " Home to School." 

    This folder will be instrumental for transporting assignments and information from school to home and back! Check it and check it often! Make sure it goes back into your child's book bag before they return to school.

    I have also stapled other important information into the yellow folder. You can find your student's log in information for the school computer, for schoology, and for their online Language Arts textbook in the folder. 

    If you are interested in following our class on schoology, you can find information about how to create a log in, as well as your child's class code stapled in the yellow folder. 


    At Home Activities

    Every week, on Day 1, I will give your child their "at home assignments," and ask them to put those assignments in their yellow folder. 

    These assignments should be completed over the 3 days that your student is not at school. 

    These assignments will count as a grade. 


    At home Attendance

    Assignments are also used to hold students accountable for attendance during their three days at home. 

    If a student does not attemp the assignments, they will be counted absent. for the days that they are at home. 



    Assignments for the week are posted in schoology. (acpsd.schoology.com)

    Assignments are labeled by date. 

    Inside of each week's folder you will find a face to face folder, and a remote learning folder. 

    Faceto face folders have the lessons that I am doing when I see students at school. 

    remote learning folders contain activities that students are doing when they are at home.  They also contain a "downloadable activities" folder, which has each activity in a printable document.