Mr. Curtis L. Dawkins

Phone: (803) 641-2690


Degrees and Certifications:

Early Childhood Education

Mr. Curtis L. Dawkins

Morning Message:

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

When you left school on Friday, I thought that I would be seeing you on Monday. I really miss each one of you but I will be speaking and teaching you through an app. Please follow the directions of your mom or dad and be safe. Before you left, we talked about those things.

  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer
  • Do not share food
  • Cough into your elbow
  • Stay away from sick people until they are well

I hope to see you all in April 2020. Please complete your work in the package, count to 120 and practice math addition facts (0 to 20). Example of work for counting is below. I miss you and will see you soon.

Mr. Dawkins


Favorite Quote:

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character...that is the goal of true education.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.