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    Posted by Heather Hargrove on 3/31/2020


    Super easy way to weave at home!!!

    You will need:

    A paper plate




    Second grade just got going good on their weavings when we started this extended real-life-break!

    Watch Video 1 first to prepare your LOOM. Then onto WEAVING in Video 2.

     HAPPY ART-ing!! Share your work!!

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  • Another Optical Illusion!!

    Posted by Heather Hargrove on 3/30/2020

    After our live drawing adventure Friday, I quick made another optical illusion video to keep you creating! Share your masterpieces!! Or just post somewhere to say HI! Miss all you crazy kids!! My Art Teachering is not nearly as fun without you!! But we are pressing on into this uncharted territory of virtual education!! 

    You kids are doing great!

    Your families are rocking it!! Give them a hug! Tell them they rock!!

    And your teachers are SUPERSTARS!! We love you and miss you and can't wait until we can all be back together!!


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  • Day 3 CAKES

    Posted by Heather Hargrove on 3/26/2020

    DAY 3!

    It's Noah's birthday, so I'll make some birthday drawing videos!!!

    In this one, I drew a cupcake without lifting my pencil...its called continuous line drawing. 

    Try it!!



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    Posted by Heather Hargrove on 3/25/2020

    Hey everybody!!!

    Here's a quick drawing!! 

    Pencil, paper, sharpie if you have one...if not, use what you have!! 

    Miss you all!! Please be in touch! 

    Email or post or message me your pictures!!


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  • Mrs. Hargrove's Virtual Art Room

    Posted by Heather Hargrove on 3/24/2020

    Hey everybody!!


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  • A Challenge

    Posted by Heather Hargrove on 3/19/2020

    Good morning!!!
    For a bit of a challenge...
    Remember kids, draw lightly!!! Hold your pencil loosely...don’t grip it right and tense!!
    Keep your drawing light until it’s RIGHT! Then you can darken those lines! Or trace it in sharpie! Even better! Put a placenta under your sharpie workspace though!! You are working on your mom’s table, not our art room messy tables!!!
    Miss y’all!
    Love y’all!!
    Post your work. Share this post with all your friends!!

    Draw LEGO Batman

    LEGO Batman

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  • Distance Learning ART!!

    Posted by Heather Hargrove on 3/18/2020


    Missing all you guys already!! Stay in touch here, and on FB Mrs. Hargrove's Art Room & IG @MrsHargrovesArtLab! Getting this ball rolling with some ArtHub for Kids drawing videos! Lots more on his YouTube channel...

    I'm still in a St. Patty's Day mood! Here's a wee Leprechaun drawing tutorial!!

    Share your masterpeices and tag me on social media!! Or just get in touch to say HI!!



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