• In English I Honors, students will read and respond to a variety of literary and informational texts, and they will write for a broad range of purposes and audiences. The course emphasizes employing close reading strategies to analyze and evaluate texts, choosing language appropriate for a given context, and participating in collaborative discussions. Additionally, students will learn to cite specific textual evidence to support their thinking. Throughout English I Honors students will acquire and use academic and content-specific language needed for college- and career-readiness. For the honors course, students will engage in intensive learning strategies where they seek deeper understandings of ideas in texts through rigorously thoughtful dialogue. Honors students are expected to read and comprehend more complex literary and informational texts independently and proficiently.


    This course fulfills one of the four English Carnegie units required for graduation. All English I students must take the English I End-of-Course Test as part of the South Carolina End-of-Course Examination Program.


    9th grade Collections textbook - ISBN 978-0-544-09100-9


    Grading Policy-

    Homework - 10%

    Classwork - 20%

    Quiz - 30%

    Tests - 40%


    1st semester average - 1st 9 weeks - 40%; 2nd 9 weeks - 40%; 1st semester exam - 20%

    2nd semester average - 3rd 9 weeks - 40%; 4th 9 weeks - 40%; 2nd semester exam - 20%

    Yearly average - 1st semester - 40%; 2nd semester - 40%; EOC exam - 20%

Course Syllabus and Standards

Daily Schedule

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