Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Julio Avila Lopez-Pedraza

Updated and revised in May, 2023.

Dear Students, parents and colleagues,

I was born in Spain -Western Europe- and I moved to the United States eighteen years ago to work at North Augusta High School as an exchange Spanish Teacher on a three year program. I liked the experience so much that I decided to step out of the program and start a long, intricate change-of-status program which finally procured me the US citizenship. In my time here, I have taught Spanish 1, 2 and 3 and International Bacchalaureate Spanish 4; I presently teach Spanish 2, Spanish 3,  and AP Spanish.

I have a master's degree in Law by the University of Extremadura, and I have a Masters's degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, which I acquired as an official recognition by putting different transcripts together and going through an independent evaluation process.

I live in North Augusta, I serve the Foreign Language Alliance for International Rapport (FLAIR)  and I am a bass singer to the Chancel Choir at St. John UMC, in Augusta.

All my family members are in Spain, so I virtually have zero family in this country, and on the entire American continent. However, I have a lot of friends here, and I find my school and my church to be ideal places to make connections with wonderful people and professionals.

I believe that North Augusta High School is not just a school or a mere work place: it is my life, my motivation, and a great place for great connections and experiences.

I hope you enjoyed my summarized biography! Have you all a great summer and see you soon in August 2018.

PS: My whole name is Julio Avila Lopez-Pedraza, but I go by Avila since it is more simple.

By the way, Avila is pronounced /'ah bee lah/.


Julio Avila.

Work Phone Number: 803-442-6100.

Fax: 803-442-6123.


I am in Schoology now as well!