Phone: (803) 442-6100


Degrees and Certifications:

BA In English SUNY Geneseo NBPTS Certified AP Language Certified AP Seminar Certified AP Research Certified

Twitter: @misteremerling IG:@chrisemerling

The Basics
I started teaching English at North Augusta High School in 2001.  In the past, I've taught English I CP1 and 2, English III CP1, 2, and Honors, AP Research, and ACVA English IV.  I currently teach AP Language and Composition (S1: 1st and 2nd block; S2: 4th block), AP Seminar (S2 3rd block and homeroom? S1 lab?), Ap Research (S1 3rd block), and AP Prep Lab (S2 2nd block).  I also coached volleyball for 7 years and advised the school newspaper for 10 years.  I'm currently the assistant athletic director. Buffalo, NY is my home; I attended SUNY Geneseo in New York where I graduated with a BA in English.  I have a wifey who teaches at HHE (?), a Foster(14) who is entering 9th grade at NAHS (holy crap), and a Zoe (10) who is entering 4th grade at HHE. We all live in a fortified compound in Aiken surrounded by sharks with laser beams. You shouldn't try to visit. 

Teaching Philosophy
I believe that giving students freedom is a good thing.  One of the most powerful tools that I can use to motivate students is agency: the ability to choose on your own behalf.  While there are certain things that we must do, certain choices that must be limited, I attempt to be as flexible as possible when it comes to assignments and assessments and allow students to choose their own paths of inquiry. 

Teachers need to avoid pedagogical atrophy at all costs.  If students don't know what to expect when they come to class . . . good. We need to walk a fine line between relying on things that work and are time-tested, while always looking for ways to improve and replace (when necessary) those time-tested things. 

Above all, we must love the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres.

Phone: 803-442-6100 (S1 Planning: 4th block; S2 Planning: 1st block)