• AP Language and Composition does not have a formal summer reading assignment.  Our years of teaching have shown us that most students do not do the summer assignment and start the year behind; we don't think that's a good way to start the school year.  We recommend that students become news junkies this summer--read and consume as much information as you can about the world and current events so that you are able to support arguments with facts.  If you want some recommendations and/or want to get ahead, consider these:

    1. David Foster Wallace's 2005 commencement address from Kenyon College.  This will be one of the first things that we read and discuss in class.
    2. This article from The Washington Post called "Fascism is back. Blame the Internet."  This is an article that we'll look at as we discuss how to construct arguments and support claims with evidence.  It also raises interesting question of technology's intersection with politics, life, and reality. 
    3. This TED Talk from Lera Boroditsky explores how language fundamentally impacts how we think and interact with the world, and how simple things like how a languages expresses direction and gender impacts how people think about their world. We’ll watch this video and evaluate the speaker’s claims and how she supports her claims. 

    As far as supplies go--Have a place to stash the odd paper and a small supply of your own paper to write on.  Three-ring binders are fine, but so are simple folders with some paper in the pocket.  We use the computers daily, so we won't have a lot of handouts. I don't mind if you use your English notebook for other classes.