DISTANCE LEARNING PACKETS AVAILABLE ONLINE NOW; FOR PICKUP THURSDAY - In an effort to ensure quality instruction continues through our distance learning format, we have printed packets for our students. Printed copies will be available for pick up at schools on Thursday, March 19th during specified times being communicated to our students/families from their schools. Parents/students have the option to download these packets online at www.acpsd.net through this Distance Learning Link. If parents/students choose to download packets at home, please make sure your child’s teacher(s) is notified. Teachers are keeping track to help ensure all students receive their necessary materials.

    Throughout this school closure, I will be available during set office hours of 9-11 a.m. and 1-3 p.m. via email at jmealing2@acpsd.net, or via my Remind app, "Mealing's Marvelous Minds" by using my code: @7e6e92 to assist with questions regarding how to access or complete content. If you or your student has any questions during non-office hours, please do not hesitate to contact the school directly. 

    I will be checking on each student at least twice a week; however, if you have specific concerns please email me and we can arrange a conference call. 

    I miss all my students and I am looking forward to returning to school. Stay safe, wash your hands often, and please remember to be mindful when in a social setting. When we all follow the guidelines explained be the experts, such as the Surgeon General; wash your hands, be responsible and practice social distancing and social isolation, we can hopefully be able to slow down the progression of this virus. For more facts please read this link.

    Thank you for joining us in a commitment to ensure that students continue to receive quality instruction and support regardless of school closures.

     All my love



                  Mrs. Mealing