• Read 180 Students (4th and 5th Grade)

    Our Read 180 program was recently updated to Read 180 Universal.  We will complete three workshops per year.  Each workshop is loaded with practice of different language, literacy, and writing skills. 


    Before diving in to Workshop 1, we will complete the Getting Started workshop.  This introduces the students to the routines and procedures for Read 180. We will be talking about growth mindsets and will learn about children who used Read 180 to help them become better readers and writers. We will reflect on how we can grow and change to build our brainpower.  We will set goals and make plans for reaching them.


  • System 44 Students (3rd Grade)

    System 44 helps students decode words and become more fluent readers.  Our goal is to finish the System 44 program in 3rd grade and then be able to move on to Read 180. After we complete our introduction to the 44 book, we will begin our modules. Each module has its own focus on comprehension, vocabulary/word study, writing & conventions, and S.M.A.R.T. lessons (Strategies for Metacognition, Academic language, Reading, and Thinking).


    Module 1: Changing the Rules


    --Text-based questioning
    --Key ideas and details

    Vocabulary/Word Study

    --Target words (contribution, different, society, nominate, requirement)
    --Word families (differ, difference)
    --Words to know (rights, causes, refugee, violence, focuses, journalist)

    Writing & Conventions

    --Informative paragraph
    --Nouns in simple sentences
    --Present-tense verbs in simple sentences


    --Blending sounds into words
    --Segmenting words into sounds