• ESOL/MLP English for Speakers of Other Languages is a program that identifies and serves the linguistic and academic needs of students who enter our school with limited English Proficiency. The name has changed to Multilingual Learner Program.   Students who enter our school system with a first language other than English are identified as Multi-Lingual Learners. (MLLs)   

    Students are assessed annually using the ACCESS test to determine proficiency levels. Students are given scores in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

    Entering (level 1) and Beginning (2) levels receive direct MLP services, extensive accommodations and/or modifications in the mainstream classroom. 

    Developing (3) and Expanding (4) may receive direct services or may be monitored and receive accommodations or modifications as needed.

    Bridging (5) is monitored by the MLPS (Multilingual Learner Program Specialist).  Accommodations may still be provided if necessary. 

    Students who exhibit proficiency in all four areas move to monitored status.Proficiency is based on an ACCESS score of 4.0 or higher in all 4 domains of the test. They are monitored academically for 4 years before being dismissed from the program.

    The ML program in Aiken County Public School District follows the World-class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) standards framework.   WIDA draws upon multiple theories and approaches in an effort to describe language use in academic contexts; this is the language that MLLs must acquire and negotiate to participate successfully in school.