• Last week of Phase 3

    Posted by Angela Drake on 5/18/2020 10:00:00 AM

    This is third and final week of Phase 3! I’ll bet you are all super excited to see an end to these packets! The district has designated May 27th as the drop-off day for them. Please submit all electronic (Schoology/e-mail) and paper assignments by 7pm May 27. I will grade all paper and electronic assignments on May 28. Many of you are doing a paper/Schoology hybrid, and it is easier to do all grading at the same time.

    Allow me a moment to congratulate you on finishing your work under the most bizarre of circumstances! While not an ideal learning format, the distance learning packets allowed you to see how much you have been able to accomplish in French in such a short amount of time. I look forward to seeing my Fr. I students return for Fr. II ! For those of you in Fr. II who aren’t returning for Fr. III, I couldn’t have asked for a better group of students this year. You made each day such a joy!

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  • Second Week of Phase 3 update

    Posted by Angela Drake on 5/11/2020 9:00:00 AM

    There is an end in sight!

    We only have two more weeks of Distance Learning packets. Be sure that you are capturing evidence of your 25 points of French work per week. Submit your work in Schoology or document it all in your paper packets. Thank you to all who labeled clearly and kept a running tally of points. It made for swift grading! Phase 3 packet directions can be found for each course on my district page.

    Fr. I packets with no names

    Please check your Packet 2- Distance Learning Grades in Power School. I have not been able to award four Fr. I grades because there was no name on the packet. Let me know if one of these are yours. (Pictures of the work is included in this email.)

    Completion Grades

    I have been grading based on completion, not accuracy. It is requires that you complete the work yourself, as assigned. Many packets are incomplete to the point that I cannot award points because the grade would fall below the Q3 grade. As we move to the last two weeks of Phase 3, I want to urge to use the three weeks in Phase 3 as one last shot to increase your 2nd semester grade with a complete packet. Remember that I cannot award you points if you copy from someone else or if you allow another students to copy from you. I have tried to make this work easy and fun to accomplish, so please make your best effort.
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  • Phase 3 Update

    Posted by Angela Drake on 5/4/2020 8:00:00 AM

    Phase 3

    Our third and final Distance Learning packet was distributed on Friday, May 1. If you were not able to pick one up, please call the front office to let Mr. White know. I expect that you will be offered a packet pickup make-up  day like we did for Packet 2.

    Until then, Phase 3 plans can be found by class in the left hand column of my district page. You can also find the choice boards in your Schoology course. Be advised that your password was changed to MVHS2020.


    Grades for Packet 1

    Please check your grade in PowerSchool for the Ten Day packet. I have graded all but one (which was put in a Spanish pile.) Do email me if you do not understand the comment for why you do not have a numerical grade.


    Pickup for Packet 2

    Expect emails or messages from me regarding your work for Packet 2 as I will begin grading all on time electronic and paper packets starting tomorrow. Remember that for full credit, you will need 75 points total (25 points for each of the three weeks of Packet 2.)


    I think Phase 3 directions and readings are more intuitive than the last packet, and you are now being offered practice games as a means for earning points. Take screenshots and include them in the discussion in Schoology as evidence for me! Do email me, message me in Schoology, or call/text my Google voice number 1 (803) 426-9025 if anything is unclear.

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  • We are all getting better at distance learning!

    Posted by Angela Drake on 4/27/2020 12:00:00 PM

    Dear all,
    Greetings all! This has been a sad week for the Midland Valley community. It is not easy to lose a student, and our hearts and prayers go out to this student's family. I hope that you and your families all stay safe and healthy and emerge from this crisis stronger than ever.  

    Submitting work: I have been so impressed at how clever you all have been at submitting your work. I have marveled at the means you have used to submit your written and spoken work. I truly appreciate the effort, and it speaks volumes about your willingness to learn new things and solve a problem.

    In my natural habitat: Do take the time to drop by our course in Schoology. I am experimenting with incoporating video in disucssions like I have done with assignments/quizzes in the past. Have you been curious about what I look like without eye makeup and no haircut for six weeks? Visit April 17- May 1's discussion page Schoology to find out!

    Phase 3: While this is our last wek of Phase 2's packet, take a peak at Phase 3's choice board. Hopefully I am getting better at formatting these distance learning activities. I added some learning games in there. I hope completing the work becomes more intuitive over time!

    Paper or Schoology? A student asked me whether she should submit her packet on paper or on Schoology. I answered her that I prefer it online because I can grade it as we go. 1) It is taking forever to get access to the paper packets, 2) I will have dozens of packets to grade at once, 3) you can only turn it in one day [May1] and 4) if there are significant errors, it is difficult to get the packet back to you to correct and then back to me to assign a grade.
    With those concerns in mind, use your best judgement in how to turn in your packet. If you are completing packets on paper, please feel free to also complete listening and speaking assignments online, but tell me in each location (paper and disucssion) where to find the other points.

    Recording your voice: If you are too shy to post your recitation and dialogues on the discussion board, do send them to me in a message. In the discussion post, be sure to write the title of the activity and the point value, and tell me where the recording lives.

    Best of luck to you all in the coming week. Make wise choices, and keep your minds and bodies busy! It's a challenge to stay home for so long, but there is so much out there to learn about. Write to me telling me some new things you have done during this time!



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  • Okay, so we're doin' this...

    Posted by Angela Drake on 4/22/2020 12:30:00 PM

    Phase 3 Plans online now

    Since the governor announced that we are extending distance learning through through the end of the year, I hope I am getting better creating plans and that you are all accustomed to completing the choice boards according to your preferences and accessibility!

    In my French I, French II, and French III distance plans, I provided links both the choice board directions, and a folder for the readings. If students are completing paper packets, I included the questions on the actal page to simplify the reading task. (French II and II are answering the same questions.) You can also find these resources in the Phase 3 folder in your Schoology course. These plans cover May 4- May 22.

    As always, do write or call if you need clarification: adrake@acpsd.net or 1-803-426-9025. There is never a need to suffer in silence. This is a new learning enrionmnet for all of us and it takws some time to get adjustued. Asking questions gives me feedback on how I need to communicate so that you understand better.

    Take of yourselves and your family! Much love to you all!

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  • Lesson Plans for Phase 2

    Posted by Angela Drake on 4/14/2020 1:00:00 PM

    Phase 2 Choice Board

    I hope you had a restful Spring Break and are ready for a new challenge! In collaboration with other French teachers in the district, I created a choice board for you to choose how to earn 25 points per week.

    Accessing the packet

    You can find the descriptions in the Phase 2 directions page in your Schoology course, you can print French I plans, French II plans, or French III plans using the text links, or you can pick up the paper packet from the school on April 14 from 10-7. If you miss that window, call the school to arrange pick up of your packet or use the electronic resources I have provided.

    Resources/Turning in work

    You can used audio/video resources loaded in Schoology to complete the work on paper. Please be sure to upload and label completed work in the appropriate Schoology discussion. If you cannot turn in the work in Schoology, hold onto the packet and upload it into Schoology when we resume classes.

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  • Electronic textbook and Schoology

    Posted by Angela Drake on 3/26/2020 12:00:00 PM

    Online textbook:

    Your electronic textbook is found at my.hrw.com and your usernames can be found in this document. Your password should be drakeflock. Contact me if the username from the document does not work or if the password is wrong. Contact me only after consulting the link to the document.

    Schoology password:

    The website for Schoology is acpsd.schoology.com. Consider using the SChoology app for the phone. It has a great suer intetrface!

    Your username is still your student ID number, but your password was changed to MHVS2020. Since you cannot turn work in at the school, I am requesting that students turn in their Ten Day Packet work by scanning the paper or taking pictures of the work, then submitting the scan or picrture to Schoology in appropriate spaces. (These palce will be available by March 30. As of this posting, I have not created these yet.)

    Phase 2 Plans:

    I am dedicating Thrusday and Friday to finalizing Quarter 3 grades and writing Phase 2 Distance Learning plans. Please call, email, or message me wth questions.



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  • Phase 2

    Posted by Angela Drake on 3/25/2020 8:00:00 PM

    Turning in Ten Day work: Your coursework during the ten day packet was a review of previous material or repurposing of old skills mixed with some new content. By Monday, March 30, I will have added space in Schoology for your students to turn in photos/scans of their Ten Day paper assignments.

    April coursework: Like the ten day packet, you will continue to apply skills already established in our course up until now. This will provide many opportunities for you to showcase their language skills with new activities and new tools!

    Work habits/contact info: Please keep up with your course work! Do not let the work pile up, as this will add unnecessary stress at a difficult time. Develop a schedule for getting school work completed.

    Do contact me with any questions about the content. Call me at 1-803-426-9025, message me on Schoology, or email me at adrake@acpsd.net. I have online hours at freeconferencecall.com using the meeting code adrake36 if students want to video conference or share screens.

    Paper packets as a last resort: I sent an e-mail to both parents and students. I requested that student "like" the email in Office 365 or that parents/students respond. I will place phone calls to households who do not respond.

    This transition is a difficult one to be sure. Luckily, you are already familiar with Schoology, so that will be of some relief. I do hope that Phase 2 of our distance learning allows more creativity and choice in how students participate in language learning!

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  • Contact me: email, Schoology, Free Conference Call, Google Voice...

    Posted by Angela Drake on 3/24/2020 10:00:00 AM

    Bonjour, tout le monde! Let's call Tuesday, March 24 Day 1 of your Ten Day packet as last week was for distribution of the packets. I have been instructed that you should keep your packets with you until we come back to school. If you need any assistance from me, you can contact me in any the the following ways:

    Email: adrake@acpsd.net

    Schoology: (Use yor new password MVHS2020) Click on the envelope by your name. Beware: I am not going to be visiting Schoology consistantly.

    Free Conference Call: I will have a open meeting from 9-11 and 1-3 every school day where you can join the meeting with the meeting ID: adrake36.

    Google voice (Call from a landline/cell phone):1 (803) 426-9025


    Meilleurs voeux, mes chers/chères élèves!


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  • Schoology passwords

    Posted by Angela Drake on 3/18/2020 2:55:00 PM

    The district has reset all Schoology passwords to a generic password for each school. Most student passwords across the county were randomly generated, so teachers who might wish to begin using Schoology for distance learning were unable to provide students with their Schoology passwords. This simplifies the process for them.

    For Midland Valley students, your username will continue to be your student ID number, but your new password will be MVHS2020. As soon as you  log-in, go to the gear button in the upper right hand corner and reset your password to something memorable for you, and write the new password (or a hint about it) on your yellow website URL log sheet that I provided you at the beginning of the year.

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