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Marine Biology Masters of Secondary Education National Board Certified AYA Science Science Department Chairperson Teacher Cadet Instructor

Mrs. Colquitt


Week 10 Update.  Packet drop off and locker clean out.  WATCH Mr. Fuller’s detailed video.



Week 9 Update.  Reminder our Bio packet covers dates May 4 – 22 and will be due Wed, May 27th . Specific instructions for those wanting to drop off work will be communicated from Mr. Fuller.



Week 8 Update. Packet #2 is graded and in PowerSchool.  Please watch my video for support on the last content for Biology packet #3.




Week 7 Update.  Please watch my video for support on the assignment for this week (May 4th).



Week 6 Update.  Packet #1 grades are now in PowerSchool.  Please watch my video for support on the assignments for this week.



The following recording contains my Week 5 update…along with some helpful answers.



Week 4 Update

The Phase 2 Biology packet is now available in Schoology.  If you would like to download your own hard copy, please make sure you notify me so I can keep track and ensure all students are receiving necessary materials. You can find the link to Biology 1 Packet #2 here: In addition, hard copy packets will also be made available for pickup tomorrow (4/14).  Please check the school website for times and instructions. 

Thank you to all students who have already sent in completed Packet 1. IF you have not, please promptly send work in electronically or drop off Biology Packet #1 tomorrow at school.



4/2/20 8:30AM

APRIL 14 IS PHASE ONE PACKET DUE DATE & PHASE TWO DOWNLOAD/PICK-UP - After Spring Break, on Tuesday, April 14th, the next phase of Distance Learning Packets will be ready. Packets will be available for downloading from the District website and all schools will have a drive-through pick-up for learning packets from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. Additional details will follow from Mr. Fuller regarding the pick-up process.  ALL students will have a Biology paper packet #2 made available for them. (I apologize, this is different than before. Once again, now ALL students will have a paper packet #2 made available.)

According to ACPSD 4/1/20: The first phase or Phase One of the Distance Learning Packets are due on Tuesday, April 14th. You have the following options for turning in packets from Phase One:

  • You may drop off learning packets when you pick up new packets at South Aiken High School on Tuesday, April 14th.
  • Or you may choose to take pictures of assignments and submit them via email to me:
  • Or, if applicable, students may submit assignments through Schoology.


3/18/20 2:45pm

To ensure South Aiken High School science students continue to experience instruction and support during the temporary closing of our school due to the Coronavirus, there are prepared plans for distance learning.  Please follow the link below.  PLEASE make sure the science teacher is emailed- verifying access to the distance learning packet.

Instructions on how to access computer programs (including Schoology) as well as instructions for how to log in to our teacher conferencing tool can be found at this link.  It should be noted: All student Schoology passwords have been reset district wide so that all students are ensured they can log in.  Student password is now: SAHS2020

If guardians choose hard copy materials instead of accessing on-line, materials will be available for pickup starting tomorrow at South Aiken.  Please see the schools website for exact hours and dates.


Direct Link to Biology ONE content

Two choices.  Pick the ONE that works best for you:

  • Create a Schoology account and submit your work to me electronically.
  • Write your answers on loose leaf paper. I will collect all work from you, when we return.  There is NO reason to print the lengthy document.

There will be four questions about DNA Replication, Transcription and Translation, in the “Day 1-5 Packet”.  Watch the following Amoeba Sisters Clip to support you for these questions:

Anxious to see you all soon.

Love, Mrs. Colquitt


3/17/20 Office Hours for Distance Learning

Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m

All students and guardians should be able to contact me and receive feedback in a timely manner during these hours.

Distance Learning Packets will be coming soon from the Aiken County Public Schools Science Content Interventionist.  As soon as it is made available, I will post.





This is my 7th year at South Aiken High School and 15th year teaching.

I am excited to work with students that make South Aiken High School so proud.



I am available during the 2nd half of PowerHour for all students.

I am available by e-mail for all parents and students,