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    PHASE 1:

    Aiken High School Visual Art: Distance Leaning Plan 

    Assignment: Using a media or material that is available, create a series of artworks that visually documents your experiences, emotions, and new everyday life during this historic time. Spend about 15 minutes a day illustrating something you encountered, noticed, felt, or did. This can include your thoughts about the pandemic, school closure, your breakfast, what you noticed outside your window, big things, small things, the mundane, or the extraordinary happening in your life right now. Consider this a visual diary or journal that will illustrate your life in this moment. You can be serious or humorous, realistic or abstract 


    • Create 1 artwork a day and spend 15 minutes (or more) (Drawing, painting, collage, illustration, comic, design, digital art, sculpture, photo series, etc.) 
    • Use your previously learned and practiced skills to enhance your work (Examples: Use the Elements and Principles, line variation, sketch or contour lines, value, highlights and shadows, textures, perspective, compositional techniques, photo editing, sculptural techniques, draw from observation, etc.) Be mindful of your composition and layout- thoughtfully use the Elements and Principles to ensure your artwork is dynamic and your ideas are clearly communicated. 
    • When creating 2D work, you can divide your paper into fourths. Completely fill a square each day. You can choose to draw bigger or use 3D or digital media. If you choose photography, create a small series of about 3-5 images each day. 
    • You should have at least 3 full pages of images or artwork by March 31st 
    • Write a brief explanation for each artwork or a longer reflection for each week explaining your thought process and meaning.  

    Grading Criteria: 

    • Layout- How effective is the arrangement of the different aspects of the page? Does it have a balance of positive and negative space? Is there an emphasis? Is there Contrast between the elements? Does the composition flow easily?  
    • Craftsmanship- Is it complete? Is it consistent? Has time and effort been placed into the work? 
    • Technique- To what extend have you used the skills and techniques you have practiced in class?  

    Prompts if you need inspiration: 

    What are you thankful for? 

    How has your everyday life changed? 

    How has this event affected your relationships with others? 

    What makes you most uncomfortable or scared about this situation? 

    What do you miss the most? 

    What should we learn from this? 

    What does your view look like from your window or door? 

    What does the room you stay in most look like? 

    When we are released from our social distancing, what do you plan to do first? Or where do you want to go? 

    How does social distancing make you feel? 

    Look for something that is beautiful that you forget about or have not noticed before.  

    Find inspiration from your kitchen. 

    Find inspiration from your room.  

    Go on a walk or go outside and sketch a scene or object you like.  Practice social distancing for this activity. 

    Use words to draw a picture of your day. 

    Create a logo for COVID-19 

    Design a Magazine cover about this historic event. 

    Create a poem about your adventures 

    Collect trash or recycle materials and create a sculpture  

    How will this world event change our future? 

    Create a comic strip or cartoon series. 

    Capture the lighting from a window at 8am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm 

    Design a children’s book about this event 

    Create a photo story and turn the images into a video or slideshow 

    Take a photo and turn it into a meme. 



    General Info for Distance Learning – Aiken High – Visual Art Department 



    Please feel free to email us anytime. J 

    If you need to talk, contact us using our Google Voice phone numbers during regular school hours. J  

    Ms. Mabry MacGregor 


    Mrs. Tara Wessinger-Hanna 



    Basics Review 

    The Elements of Art: shape, line, form, value, texture, color, space 

    The Principles of Design: pattern, rhythm, contrast, unity, balance, movement, emphasis 

    Composition – The way the parts of an artwork are organized together in an intentional and pleasing way. 

    Critique – describe, analyze, interpret, judge 


    Submitting Work 



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    A Message for All Students 

    We miss each one of you and hope that all is well considering our unusual situation!  Please stay safe, and let us know if you need anything at all. 


    Ms. Mac and Mrs. Hanna