I will be emailing you often. Please let me know if you are unable to log into your school email. You can call or text: 803-594-2428.

  • You will be using your artwork that was created in Phase 1 to create a final work of art in Phase 2. If you were creating the "Corona Diary" assignment, you will continue working with those ideas. If you were creating the district drawing prompts, you can use those sketches as inspiraton for the Phase 2 Corona Final artwork or create new sketches to work from. 

    For Phase 1 you only have to create 10 works of art with either the AHS "Corona Diary/Journal" assignment or the district drawing prompts. YOU ONLY DO 1 OF THESE ASSIGNMENTS.

    Because you are using the artwork from Phase 1 to create a final work of art in Phase 2, you can keep your artwork until the end of Phase 2. You can turn them in together either when we return to school or on the scheduled drop off date TBA, or email images of the work to twessinger@acpsd.net. 

    PHASE 3- If you click on the tab for Phase 3, you will see 4 links to assignments for each level. You may look at any of them and choose the one that inspires you most. You can also continue your Corona Diary assignment by completing another final work of art from your brainstorming or continuing daily images/artwork. If you have the resources, turn in your work through email (twessinger@acpsd.net). LL phases can be emailed. If you are unable to email, then you may turn in the work on the designated drop off date that is TBA.

    The most important thing is to keep creating. You should be spending about 15 minutes each day on your artwork. Please let me know if you need help or have questions. I miss each and every one of my students and can not wait to see y'all again soon. Until then, stay safe and healthy. You can call or text me anytime at 803-594-2428.