• Distant Greetings from Miss Toepke!

    Precalculus Honors and Calculus Honors

    Precalculus Honors Update:  I just sent (to all of your email addresses 3/26) some additional notes for help with Problems 25 - 40 of your packet.  I am attaching a link to those at the bottom of this page, as well.

    PLEASE check your school email regularly.  I will send out messages to everyone that I think will benefit everyone, and you can ask me individual questions using that email address, as well.

    I expect you to complete the packets according to the schedule given.  Packets will be collected when you come back to school.  You do not have to send me any of that information through pictures or other methods.  Click the link at the bottom of the page if you don't have your packet yet OR there are still printed packets available for each of your subjects at the main office at school.

     Teacher Cadet

    PLEASE access your school email to receive all of the handouts that I sent and any new information I need you to have.  Those assignments are attached below, as well.  FYI:  At the time, I put "due dates" on the assignments, but I have been informed that it is okay for us to collect all of your work once you come back to school, so use those due dates as a guideline so that you aren't working on things the night before we come back to school!

    Please keep in touch.  You can email me at ptoepke@acpsd.net, and I do have Remind, if you want to send a message that way.

    Precalculus Honors code for Remind:  @k3gh76

    Calculus Honors code for Remind: @7d3f9cd

    Teacher Cadet code for Remind:  @2kkfec

  • Precalculus Honors Students

    3/26   I've added some documents below to help you with Problems 25 - 40 of your packet.  You'll also want to look at the file for the Trigonometric Identities.

    3/24  Several Precalculus Honors students had questions about the Functions Performance Tasks A and B.  Below is a link to a Word file I created with some additional directions.  I also sent a copy of this to your school email addresses.

  • Teacher Cadet Distance Learning Assignments

    Links to the Teacher Cadet assignments are given below: