• Weekly assignments and notes can be found on Schoology. 


    What do I do if I’m Quarantined?

    • In the event you are quarantined, you can find your assignments in Schoology.
    • Assignments for each week will consist of questions from the chapter we are on that week, followed by a quiz each Friday.
    • Homework questions will be due each Friday. Please email your answers to Mr. Luton.  Once your questions are received, you will get an email back with the corresponding quiz for whichever chapter we are on. 
    • You will then send your answers to the quiz back to Mr. Luton to grade.
    • If you are quarantined during the week of a Test, you are to work on the study guide.
    • If you are absent for a Test, you will complete one of the essays and email it to Mr. Luton.  Essay prompts can be found in the Chapter folder in Schoology. 


    Frequently asked questions.

    1. How do I know what chapter we are on?

    -Weekly lesson plans letting you know what chapter we are on are posted every Friday in Schoology.


    1. Where can I find my assignments?

    -Chapter questions for each week can be found in the Chapter folders in Schoology.


    1. What about the book?

    -There is link to the book and a link to the workbook and book in Schoology.  There are also notes for each chapter in the folders in Schoology.


    1. What if I’m sick and fall behind?

    -No problem! The main thing is to take care of yourself and get well!  Please let Mr. Luton know you are feeling bad or are falling behind.  Extra time to finish assignments can be given if you need. 


    1. Any other questions?

    -Email Mr. Luton with any questions!  I’m here to help.