Ms. Debra Ginn

Phone: 803-641-2500


Degrees and Certifications:

BA in Secondary English Education M.ED in Education (Divergent Learning)CERTIFICATIONS:Secondary English (12+ years experience;Special Education (18+ years experience)

Ms. Debra Ginn

 My name is Ms. Debra Ginn (formerly Galamb).  2019-2020 marks my 22nd year at Aiken High School.  I moved to Aiken 40 years ago to attend college at USC-Aiken....and never left!  My passions in life are working with teenagers AND teaching language skills through great literary works.  I also love to travel, to garden (flowers), to read, and to learn new things.

My love for reading stems from a childhood spent 'resting' or in hospital beds due to having severe asthma and, at age 11, developing Gulliam-Barre Syndrome.  I spent several months at MUSC in a hospital bed totally paralyzed.  Thank goodness, however, being paralyzed was temporary, and, after a year, I regained my ability to walk and was able to continue my life normally.  TV did not offer very much entertainment in those days, so I spent the long hours reading anything I could get my hands on.

My goal in life is to communicate the love of reading I developed in my younger years to my students.  I cannot imagine not being able to escape between the pages of a book and being able to take off to new places and meet new people.

This year I have the privilege of teaching a class called Secondary Literacy which will offer support to students who have reading difficulties.  I am very excited about the coming year and look forward to meeting my students.

You can contact me at: 803-641-2500 or e-mail me at

Classroom Expectations are that students:

1. Be Prepared.  Students should come to class prepared to learn.

2. Be punctual: District tardy policy will be enforced.  The student must be in the classroom and seated before the tardy bell rings.

3. Be polite.  I expect the students to respect the teacher and each other.

4. Be considerate of others.  Disruption of the learning environment will not be tolerated!!

5.  Students are UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES allowed to use their cell phones in class.


The grading policy for Secondary Literacy (Read 180) is uniform across the district:

30% -- Technology Instruction

30% -- Small Group Instruction

30% -- Independent Reading

10% -- Class Participation


Please contact me if you should have any questions or concerns.