• ACPSD E-Learning (updated 4/02/2020)

    Please scroll to the bottom of this page for all the important updates.

    PLEASE GO HERE FOR PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY (Honors and CP use the same packet) COURSES     https://www.acpsd.net/Page/41749

     Use the link above to access materials. Phase 1 Packets and E-Learning has already been added to Schoology. Phase 1 Paper packets were available for pick up in the AUX Gym on Thursday, March 19th, from noon-7pm and Friday, March 20th, from 8am-4pm. The school will be closed due to a scheduled off day on Monday, March 23rd, so please pick up a packet Thursday or Friday. Please write your answers directly on the packet.

    ****If you access Packet 1 (Day 1-10) materials online, please print with your answers. These completed pages can be dropped off starting Tuesday, April 14th, at Aiken High School which is also the only day to pick up newly printed Packet 2 (Day 11-25) materials.****

    IMPORTANT Notes:

    Schoology passwords have all been reset. You're login is still your student ID number and your new password is AHS2020 (use capitals for AHS)

    Chemistry students who forgot their GIZMO (www.explorelearning.com) login should use the following- username: AHSC192  password: sun192

    Physics students who forgot their GIZMO (www.explorelearning.com) login should use the following - username: AHSP473  password: hat473


    Physics - https://www.remind.com/join/aikphysics

    CP Chemistry (3rd and 5th periods) - https://www.remind.com/join/spenschem

    Cambridge Honors Chemistry (6th and 7th periods) - https://www.remind.com/join/dabd1

     It is incredibly important that you ANSWER EVERY QUESTION in the course packets, do not leave any questions blank. Please take a logical guess if you must.

    On a side note, please know that I will respond to school emails (bspensley@acpsd.net) and Remind messages as quickly as possible. Please also know that I miss seeing you all, please follow recommended guidelines and practice social distancing (6 feet from other people), and I hope you stay well until we meet again!


    3/19/2020 - I emailed everyone who is missing a TEST or QUIZ grade in PowerSchool with MasteryConnect access codes or a copy of the missing assessment. These were sent to your school email. Please complete these missing assessments and reply to my email as quickly as possible. Thank you to everyone who has already informed me that they completed these assessments.

    3/20/2020 - Chemistry distance learning packets use GIZMOS as we have all year. You all created your own GIZMO login and passwords. Usernames and passwords were not reset. If you forgot your Username and/or Password, please let me know by email at bspensley@acpsd.net or message me through Remind and I will reply with both your Username and Password. Please remember the GIZMO website is www.explorelearning.com and you enter your Username and Password from the drop down Login/Enroll button in the top right.

    ****3/20/2020 - Chemistry packets require use of the CP Chemistry: Matter and Change textbook. Please following the link at the top of the page to get to the ACPSD Distance Learning/High School/Science page and click on the Clever direct login. Everyone's login information is different. Your Username is your STUDENT ID and your Password is your 8-digit BIRTHDAY without hypens or slashes (example - 03202020). Use this helpful video by our Aiken County High School Science Curriculum Interventionalist for assistance. Please find the McGraw-Hill app, click the heart to make it a favorite, and then enter the "Join a class" code that every Chemistry was emailed and sent via Remind today. Then you will have full access to the Chemistry: Matter and Change textbook resources.*****

    3/24/2020 - All previously turned in Q3 assignments will be added to the PowerSchool gradebook by Weds, March 25th, by 4:00pm. The original ACPSD grade timeline for Q3 was to have grades finalized by 3/25/2020 and we are sticking to that timeline. Any student with a missing Test or Quiz was emailed last Thursday, 03/19/2020, with instructions and Mastery Connect codes to get those assessments made up. Today is the last day to make up a missing assessment. Missing classwork/homework will be evaluated on a case by case and student by student basis.

    3/24/2020 - Please login to Schoology and take the 1 question assessment on receiving packets. This is not a graded assessment, but it is absolutely necessary to get information from each of you. Please continue to check this page, Schoology, Remind, and your email. I know it's a lot but I will work on streamlining it the longer we are in this situation. Thank you.

    3/26/2020 - All Quarter 3 grades have been entered into PowerSchool, and unless directly otherwise by administration or the district, are considered finalized.

    3/26/2020 - As the COVID-19 SC closure has been extended through April, new 3 week packets are in the process of being assembled. This means the first 5 weeks of Quarter 4 will be graded using these packets. Please do not disregard them. Answer them honestly, deliberately, and completely.

    3/26/2020 - I will continue to answer emails, Remind messages, and Schoology messages in a timely fashion. I do have "office hours" where I am available from 9:00am-11:00am and 1:00pm-3:00pm. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I will be available through freeconferencecall.com. To access the conference call, please check your school email.

    3/31/2020 - Did you know that you can download Microsoft Office for free using your Aiken County Public Schools student email? Please review the instructions below that have been provided by Ms. Young, our AHS Media Specialist. This information was sent by Ms. Young to all teachers and I have forwarded that email to all of you! This will certainly help if you decide to complete work electronically, but remember you must print out the first packet.

     "I know you have the Office Suite on your district laptops, but if you or your students need it on a personal laptop, this is how to get it:
    It is very easy to download MS Office.  
    Login to Office using the email icon on our web pages
    Click the user icon in the top right corner (mine has my picture there)
    Click My account
    Click Install Office and follow instructions. "   (email from M.Young to Aiken High Teachers on 03/30/2020)

    3/31/2020 - As the first packets were created for the original 2 week school closure, you should be completing those packets by the end of this week. Please do not delay in doing this work even though the school closure has been extended. I need to reiterate that the first packet, whether you answer it electronically or not, must be physically turned in as a printed out packet on the week that we return to school. This expectation has been set for the first packet. Although you have the ability answer and submit some items through Schoology, my expectation is that you will bring in your printed, completed first packet when you return to the classroom. This may change for future packets.

    4/02/2020 - Please pay attention to robocalls and information being sent out by Aiken High and the District Office. I do want to clarify one point from one of the recent District robocalls. As repeatedly stated, I would like everyone to turn in their printed packets from the first 10 days so that I make review and grade them. The District robocall mentioned taking pictures of your work and emailing pictures to teachers, but only if you could not return the completed Phase 1 packet. Although some teachers are accepting work this way, I want to again say that my expectation is that everyone will turn in completed, printed packets. These can be dropped off at Aiken High after spring break. Please plan to have them completed so they can be turned in by April 14th. If you cannot turn them in by that date, please know that I will accept Phase 1 packets after that date. However, more packets are in your future, so please work diligently, work with purpose, and get this material completed. Remember that I am available through email, Remind, and thru FreeConferenceCall.com on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-11am and 1-3pm (please check your school email for an email from me about freeconferencecall.com instructions).

    4/02/2020 - If you haven't finished your Phase 1 packets, please attempt to complete them by Sunday, April 5th. Our administration has made it clear that students, faculty, and all staff should not have any school related activities during our previously scheduled Spring Break from Monday, April 6th thru Sunday, April 12th. Students are not expected to work on packets that week and teachers are not expected to have office hours that week.