German @ Aiken High School

  • headshot Dear Awesome Young Person,  

    Welcome to German at Aiken High School. I am Herr (Mr.) Lader and I teach German I, II, III, IV and V. I am looking forward to being your German teacher this year.  Whatever class you are in, I AM HAPPY THAT YOU ARE TAKING GERMAN WITH ME.  (Look at my picture on this page. I look happy, right?)

    Here's some important stuff. Please read it all:

    Supplies: As far as supplies are concerned, you won’t need much to be successful. Students in all levels need white three-inch by five-inch index cards, a three-ring binder (at least 1 inch, but 1.5 inches is better) which holds standard 8 ½- inch by 11-inch lined, white paper. You also need a standard dark gray pencil with an eraser. Students in German III, IV and V also need a good German <-> English dictionary (at least 500 pages). I recommend this one,, but there are many other German <-> English dictionaries available. Please have this dictionary by September 1, 2019.  

    If getting the required supplies as going to be a problem for you, please don’t stress about that. Just send me an email ( or put a note in my mailbox saying you are going to need help. Use your first and last name on the note, please. I will make sure you get the supplies you need to be successful. 

    In German I -V, we will use EMC-Paradigm’s textbook series, Deutsch Aktuell. In all levels, we will supplement appropriately with articles, literature, videos, etc. 

    Grades: Your quarter grades will be determined as follows:  

    • classwork = 60%  
    • tests = 25% 
    • quizzes = 10% 
    • homework = 5% 

    Homework:  You will not have written homework every day, but no matter what level you are in, you always have homework. ALWAYS. Your minimum daily homework assignment is to review recent work, especially new vocabulary, and to speak German outside of class. Again, you have homework every day.  

    Behavior: You will review Aiken High School’s Code of Conduct during ILT. As do all other teachers in our school, I expect all students to adhere to the policies found in this document. That’s not difficult. Most of the time, you simply have do your work, be nice to others and avoid drama.   

    Lesson Plans: My lesson plans will always be posted on the Aiken High School website ( If you miss class, check the website for missed instruction, assignments, and assessments before returning to class. Please do not ask me what we did while you were gone unless you have already checked the website.  

    Extra Help and Makeups: Extra help and makeup work will be done during ILT.  

    Communication:  The best way to reach me for information, to discuss a concern, to make a suggestion, etc., is to email me at Please include a helpful subject line for me. Sign up for text messages at

    Success and Joy: In German class, it is important that you hear, speak, read and write German every day. (Even if you are shy, you must speak German in class to be successful.) This habit of using the language EVERY DAY is the key to being a successful, happy German student. That’s what you want, right? Well, now you know how to make it happen.  

    I look forward to having a great together. 



    Herr Lader