Ms. Cardenas

Phone: (803) 564-1100


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. in Education, English as Foreign language major. Completing Master studies in Linguistics:English and Spanish as foreign language.

Ms. Cardenas

Foreign Language teacher from Venezuela, used to teach English for Spanish speakers and now I am teaching Spanish for English speakers. I am very exited for this new challenge and hope my students get as much fun, commitment and dedication as me.

The most important thing about learning something new is to try, fail and learn from failures, try again and be wiser with the experience gained. If we are always successful on the first attempt, what is the learning acquired in it ??

"Es preciso saber lo que se quiere; cuando se quiere, hay que tener el valor de decirlo; y cuando se dice, es menester tener el coraje de realizarlo." Anonimo.