• Overview of Counseling Department

    Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Herring are professional school counselors.  Mrs. Taylor has been a School Counselor for 27 years, with this year being her 20th! at North Augusta Elementary.  She has a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and a Masters in Education, both from the University of South Carolina. Mrs. Herring is beginning her third year as an Aiken County School Counselor, with this being her first year at North Augusta Elementary.  She recieved her Bachelor's in Psychology and her Master's in Education both from Augusta University. 

    Both of our counselors are available for teachers, parents, and students to assist with any difficulties or problems that may interfere with school success.  Students can be seen for small group counseling, and/or short term individual counseling at the request of the parents, teachers, or students.

    The school counselors work collaboratively with parents, school professionals, and students to facilitate all students' academic, emotional, and social growth.  It is the counselors' responsibility to identify and remove barriers that may impede academic achievement.

    To refer your child for help from the counseling office, please email



    SCHOOL PHONE:(803) 442-6280

    Best Times to Contact: 7:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

    What Does a School Counselor DO?

     Classroom Guidance

    All students at North Augusta Elementary have the opportunity to meet with their school counselors during classroom guidance lessons.  Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Herring will be meeting with all grade levels throughout the school year.  These sessions focus on a specific issue that could negatively impact learning and/or social development and were designed around the American School Counselor Association Standards.

    Some of the topics covered are:

    • Middle School Transitions
    • Anger
    • Bullying Awareness/Prevention
    • Kindness
    • Personal Body Safety
    • Self-Esteem
    • Career Awareness
    • Self-Control
    • Internet Safety
    • Empathy
    • Identifying Feelings
    • Friendship
    • Growing Up Boys/Girls (4th/5th grade only)

    Individual Counseling

    Students at North Augusta Elementary are able to meet one-on-one with with school counselors to discuss issues that are affecting their academic success.   School counselors use play therapy techniques such as drawing, games, sandbox, Legos, etc as a way to discuss school counseling goals as outlined by the American School Counselor Association.  This includes helping students reach their academic, personal, social, and career potential.

    Small Group Counseling

    Another counseling service available to students at North Augusta Elementary is group counseling.  This is done by grade level and topic, such as friendship, grief/loss, divorce, feelings, etc.  These groups and topics are based on a needs assessment completed by classroom teachers and from parent, teacher, and school staff feedback. During groups, play therapy (drawing, role-playing, visualization, game play, etc) is used as a way to discuss school counseling goals as outlined by the American School Counselor Assocation. 

    Other School Counselor activities

    Throughout the year the school counselors present or are involved with many other activities including:

    • Managing the Real Men Read Program
    • Managing the parent volunteer trainings
    • Creating monthly Counselor's Corner newsletter
    • Sitting on multiple parent, community, and school improvement committees
    • Select, manage, and monitor the Fifth Grade "Positive Problem Solvers", our peer mediation group.
    • Helping to manage the monthly "Habit Heroes" program.

    Professional Development

    • Child Advocacy Center-Stewards of Light, October 2015
    • Suicide Risk and Assesment Training, January 2016
    • Mandated Reporter Training, February 2016
    • Care Ministry Resource Training, March 2016
    • Legal Implications Training, Dr. Carolyn Stone, January 2017
    • ASCA Program Training, Dr. Carolyn Stone, August 2017