• What is a SIC?

    A School Improvement Council (SIC) is a broad-based advisory body made up of a variety of members of the school community. SICs work with principals and other educators in meeting the identified needs of their schools and to continuously work toward excellence.


    What Does a SIC Do?

    • Provide input into the development of their school’s Five-Year Improvement Plan

    • Set annual goals to support successful implementation of the Five-Year Plan

    • Monitor and report on progress toward SIC and school goals

    • Write and publish the annual SIC Report to the Parents

    • Work with the principal in writing the narrative for the annual SC School Report Card

    SICs serve a vital role in the lives of their schools but do not have any of the powers or responsibilities reserved for local school boards.


    Why is a SIC Important?

    SICs provide additional insight, unique perspective, and vital assistance to educators and students in helping schools reach their achievement goals.

    Repeated research has demonstrated that family and community engagement in schools lays the groundwork for improved student achievement, post-secondary school success, better student behavior, and increased appreciation and support of educational professionals.

  • School Improvement Council!

    Mission Statement (Purpose)

    Our mission at North Augusta Elementary School is to work cooperatively with all parents and the community to promote academic success and critical thinking in a safe, challenging environment with high expectations in order to develop lifelong learners.


    Some common questions: 

    What is the NAES School Improvement Council (SIC)?

    The SIC serves as an advisory committee to our principal and faculty. Legislation was passed in 1977 to ensure local awareness and review of how state funds were spent. Each council is composed of parents, teachers, and community members. 


    What is the difference between the SIC and PTO?

    The PTO is a voluntary organization.  The SIC is mandated by law to exist in every public school in South Carolina.

    What are the similarities between NAES SIC and PTO?

    Both groups have the best interest of our students at heart and are committed to coordinating projects, events and activities which will result in an improved environment or curriculum for our students and faculty. Beginning with this school year, we are collaboratively working together in identifying and prioritizing school improvement initiatives.

    What is the key role of SIC?

    SIC plays a key role in the education of our students by bringing together parents, educators and community stakeholders to work together on the improvement of NAES.  In addition to assisting with the development and monitoring of school improvement, we also have the following responsibilities:

    • To assist in the preparation of the school's annual report
    • To provide advice on the use of school incentive awards
    • To provide such assistance as the principal may request
    • To carry out any other duties prescribed by the local school board
    • What are our priorities for the 2016-2017 School Year?


    Our primary goal is to focus on ways to improve the instructional, curricular and cultural environment at NAES.  We will be working collaboratively with the PTO, and reconnecting with our community to bring new resources and support to NAES. 

    Other priorities identified include:

    • Involving Community Members as Volunteers
    • Technology Upgrade
    • Beautification of School Grounds

    How can I support the NAES SIC?

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world: indeed it’s the only thing that ever has!”
             -  Margaret Meade

    We invite you to attend a SIC meeting held the last Monday of each month (following September elections).  The NAES Council meets usually in a designated area from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm on campus.  Meetings follow an agenda with everyone’s ideas and positions encouraged and respected.  Communication is open and regular.

    Your voice and participation are welcomed!


    Other Information

    Guidelines have been established to assist in the efficiency of our council.  A copy of our NAES SIC By Laws are available in the school office for your review.   This document outlines the purpose of the council, responsibilities and duties, membership composition, election procedures, voting requirements, officers and their duties. 

    Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Wilson