•    All volunteers in Aiken County must participate in Volunteer Training and have a SLED background check, provided by the district. Volunteer training sessions will be on-going as needed throughout the year. 


    Oakwood Windsor Elementary School
    Volunteer Guidelines


    The Oakwood Windsor Elementary administration and staff are appreciative of all persons who are willing to commit time and energy to making our school an excellent place of learning for all students. It takes many hands to get the numerous jobs completed each year. OWES welcomes volunteers to join in the goal of making our school the best that it can be.

    Goals of the Volunteer Program-

    To increase the quality of education for students at Oakwood Windsor Elementary.
    To increase the base of volunteers, to include community business members, retired teachers and those with special skills to enrich and broaden the experience of our students.
    To provide needed extra help to assist staff members and teachers in providing a superior education and to stimulate community support for our students.


    As a matter of professional ethics, volunteers do not discuss teacher, student or school affairs with other people. It is extremely important that confidentiality be upheld at all times. Volunteers should discuss any concerns directly and exclusively with the supervising teacher/staff member.


    Volunteers should arrive on time. The school day and teachers’ schedules are time sensitive. A delay of even 10 minutes may result in a missed activity.


    Teachers and staff members rely on the services performed by volunteers. If you are unable to volunteer on your scheduled day or time, it is extremely important that you contact the supervising teacher through email or phone (641-2560) at least 24 hours prior so other arrangements can be made.

    Volunteer ResponsibilitiesAll volunteers/chaperones must:

    Every volunteer must register in the main office upon arrival. Volunteers will sign in through "Hall Pass" and be given a name badge, which should be worn at all times during service. At the end of the volunteer time, the volunteer should report to the office, and sign out.

    Outside arrangements must be made for child care of non-school age children instead of bringing them to school during volunteer time.Volunteers work under the supervision of staff or an appointed representative and should never be left unattended with students. Teachers have an established method of maintaining classroom discipline. All discipline is the responsibility of the classroom teacher or staff member.

    Cell phones must remain off when entering the school.

    Volunteers must follow the same procedures as staff during emergency drills. Volunteers must read/be familiar with procedures in the event of an emergency drill during your service time. The staff of OWES is responsible for instruction of students during the school day. Lessons cannot be interrupted while the staff is teaching. Conferencing with your child’s teacher should not be conducted during volunteer time. Please schedule a conference with your child’s teacher during the teacher’s planning time or before/after school hours. All materials will be provided by the classroom teacher. Incentives, such as candy, are not to be brought in without prior approval of the classroom teacher.

    Volunteers should be willing to perform a wide range of assigned tasks such as working directly with students in groups of no less than two, reading to small groups or helping out with class parties.