• Dress Code
    To maintain a safe and orderly environment for learning, parents have been asked for their support and cooperation in following these guidelines for student dress:

    A) Tight clothing and other clothing that reveals the body will not be allowed (swimwear type clothing, halter tops, see through blouses, strapless dresses, crop tops, mini-skirts, spaghetti straps, showing belly or too much chest).

    B) Clothing with designs, symbols, or sayings that tend to disrupt will not be permitted.

    C) Shorts may be worn only if they are finger-tip length. Cut-off shorts are not permitted.

    D) Pants that sag across the hip are not allowed. If the pants are too large, a belt or suspenders is required.

    E) For health and safety, FLIP FLOPS or HEALIES (shoes with wheels) are not permitted at school.