• Student transportation to and from school:

    · Drop-off begins at 7:00 am! Please do NOT drop off children before the 7:00 time due to lack of supervision on school grounds! Thanks!

    · ANY changes in transportation will require a note signed by the parent/guardian to be sent to the school. Changes in transportation CAN NOT be made over the phone.

    · Students may be picked up in car line beginning at 2:30. In accordance with district policy no students may be signed out of the front office after 2:00 p.m.

    · In order for a child to ride the bus home he/she must be registered through the transportation office and assigned to a bus stop.

    · No child can ride home with another child on the school bus.

    · Bus transportation is a separate entity form the individual schools. Concerns over bus routes, bus times, drivers and behavior concerns on the bus need to be handled through the bus office. You may contact them at 641-2605.

    · Riding the bus is a privilege and this can be revoked if the student cannot abide by the bus safety rules. Please refer to the Aiken County School District Code of Conduct for more details.


    Disciplinary Action for bus Offenses:

    · First offense: a warning and a letter to the parent
    · Second offense: loss of bus riding privileges for 3 days and a letter to parent
    · Third offense: loss of bus riding privileges for 7 days and a conference with parent
    · Fourth offense: loss of bus riding privileges for 10 days and a conference with parent
    · Fifth offense: loss of bus riding privileges for the remainder of the school year

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