• 4K

    Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Williams, Ms. Quinn, Mrs. Romero, Mrs. Plunkett, and Mrs. Sampson



    Mrs. Sellers, Ms. Ellis, Ms. Harling, Mrs. Vanderhoff, Ms. Robinson, Ms. Bennett, Mrs. Pitts, and Mrs. Wilson (not pictured)



    First Grade

    Mrs. Buchanan, Ms. Hightower, Mrs. Newsome, Mr. Still, Mrs. Charles-Farmer, Ms. Hayes (soon to be Mrs. Easler), and Ms. Dietrich


    Second Grade

    Mrs. Groce, Mrs. Moody, Mrs. McNeely, Mrs. Snead, Ms. Suarez, Ms. Morgan, and Mr. Ashton


    Third Grade

    Mrs. Dow, Mrs. Blackburn, Ms. Turner, and Mrs. Usher


    Fourth Grade

    Mr. Dugeon, Mrs. Whitson, Mrs. Martin, Mr. McClary, and Mrs. Bush


    Fifth Grade

    Mrs. Rozsnyai, Mrs. Lybrand, Mrs. Siders, and Ms. Lloyd


    Special Areas

    Ms. Chandler (Library), Coach Baker (PE), Mrs. Moorhead (Library), Mrs. Brooks (Art), Mr. Grant (Music), and Mrs. Mims (Computer Science)



    Special Education

    Ms. Morgan, Mrs. McCarty, Mrs. Walling, Mrs. Moody, Mr. Richardson, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Woodberry, and Ms. Suarez



    Mrs. Bush (Read 180), Mrs. Blackburn (K-2 Reading), Ms. Williams (Literacy Coach), and Mrs. Drake (Math)