• Volunteer Application Packets

    Volunteer application packets are available in the front office.  Please complete an application if you are interested in becoming a school volunteer.  Every school year you must complete a new application form and attend a volunteer training. Check announcments and our Facebook Page to findout about upcoming training dates.


    There are two levels of volunteering in the Aiken County Public School District:

    Level One Volunteer- an individual whose contact with students is supervised by school personnel at all times. Examples of these situations include, but at not limited to classroom tutor; test monitor; homeroom parent or class assistant; lunch buddy, playground, computer or media assistant; volunteer assistant in an after-school program supervised by school personnel; school office volunteer; or room parent.


    Level Two Volunteer- an individual who works with students in settings which may not always be supervised by school personnel.  This volunteer likely will have direct interactions with students. Examples of Level 2 volunteers include, but at not limited to on-site tutoring outside of the classroom; Booster Club and PTA/PTO Officers; athletic coaching assistants; mentors; chaperones for school field trips, sporting events, and overnight events.  Level 2 Volunteers will also be required to have a screening through the school's Hall Pass School Visitor Management System which includes SLED checks.  SLED/Hall Pass Background screenings are "good" for three years.