• ARRIVAL AT SCHOOL  (procedures)

    All students are to be dropped off in front of the cafeteria from the Pine Street entrance between 7:00 AM and 7:25 AM.  Students are to enter the cafeteria entrance. Students will wait until 7:15 and then go to morning duty stations:  Pre-K – 2nd grade to the multi-purpose room and 3rd – 5th grade to intervention lab and/o 3rd grade hallway

    Students may NOT be dropped off at the School Street Entrance location because there is not adult supervision in this area.  Safety patrol students help escort young children to the correct duty location from the Pine Street drop off.

     Parents should NOT go to classrooms in the morning without first receiving a visitor’s pass from the office.

     Students arriving after 7:30 AM must report to the office to receive a tardy slip.  Pre-K – 2nd grade students should be escorted by their parents to the office if they arrive tardy to school.  Please do not take students directly to the classroom or mobile if they are tardy.


    DISMISSAL (procedures)

    Bus dismissal will begin at 2:25.  Bus students load buses in the rear of the building unless it is raining.  If it is raining we have “rainy day dismissal”.  Buses will load at the Primary Wing (School St.) when it is raining.

    Car riders and walkers are dismissed daily at 2:30 PM.  Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd grade students will be dismissed from the Primary Wing (School St.). 3rd through 5th grade students will be dismissed from the front entrance (Pine St.).  If 3rd – 5th grade students have younger siblings they should go to the Primary Wing to be dismissed. 


    Students will always be dismissed from the same location unless a written note is sent to the teacher or the office in advance. Any and ALL transportation changes must be in writing. No changes will be made over the phone. In the rare occasion that an emergency arises and a change in transportation needs to be made, notify the school office immediately.  Please do not call the office after 2:00 PM to change transportation arrangements.  Late phone calls interrupt dismissal procedures and routines at a very busy time of the day.


     Any student who is to be dismissed early must be signed out through the school office.  A student will be dismissed only to the parents, legal guardians, or persons designated on the student’s registration card.  Students dismissed prior to 11:00 AM will be counted absent.  Early dismissal will not be allowed after 2:15 p.m. unless an emergency situation arises.  Please be mindful that instruction continues until 2:30.  Parents, please list all persons on the registration card that may be checking your child out of school.