• Students in kindergarten through 5th grade attend an arts class each day.  Arts classes include dance, music, PE, theatre arts, and visual arts. 


    In dance, we will study various dance genres including, but not limited to, ballet, modern/contemporary, hip hop, creative movement, multicultural forms, and musical theatre. Students will have the opportunity to improvise and choreograph their own dances. Students will learn how to identify and demonstrate movement elements and skills and apply them while performing dance.  They will implement choreographic principles, processes, and structures; use dance as a medium to communicate meaning and/or artistic intent; demonstrate and apply critical, creative, and analytic thinking in response to dance; demonstrate an understanding of dance in various cultures and historical periods; identify and apply healthful practices related to dance; and make connections between dance and other arts disciplines, content areas, and the world. Through dance, students gain knowledge of self-awareness, analytical and critical thinking skills, and develop their artistic abilities. Dance is taught by Mrs. Faith McCormick.


    Ms. Morgan Hanna is the music teacher.


    The goal of physical education is to develop physically literate individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of physical activity.
    To develop a physically active lifestyle, a physically literate individual
    • has learned the skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities,
    • is physically fit,
    • participates regularly in physical activity,
    • knows the implications of and the benefits from involvement in physical activities, and
    • values physical activity and its contribution to a healthy lifestyle. 

    Coach Kristen Payton is our P.E. teacher.

    Theatre Arts

    In theatre students will learn stage terminology, the production process, acting, directing, theatre design, playwriting, and theatre history. Students will participate in activities including improvisation, acting technique, reader’s theatre, voice and movement exercises, and puppetry. Students will make connections to other art forms and also enhance performance skills. By participating in a theatre arts program, students build confidence and learn the value of teamwork.  Ms. Sturgis is the theatre teacher.

    Visual Art

    Mrs. Tamara Smith is our art teacher. Students will explore the various elements of art through different mediums while learning about different artistic styles.