• Emergency Closing Information

    • When weather or other conditions mean schools may not open or may be closed in the middle of the day, please visit our website, our social media sites and expect a phone call. In case of inclement weather, a decision to close schools for that day will be made by 5:30 a.m.

      If school is closed midday, students who ride the bus will be delivered home. If roads are impassable, these students will be returned to their schools. Students who do not ride the bus will remain at school.

      You may also tune in to one of the following radio or television stations

    Television & Radio Stations Notified of School Schedule Changes








     WJBF News 6 Augusta

    WYNS 1340 AM

    WRDW News 12 North Augusta

    Kicks 99, WKXC 99.5 FM 

     WAGT TV News 26 Augusta

    WGAC 95.1 FM/580 AM  

    WFXG TV Fox 54 Augusta 

    WHHD 98.3 FM 

     WISTV 10-Lexington News

    WCHZ 95.5 FM/1480 AM 


    WDRR 93.9 FM


    WGUS 93.1 FM/102.7 FM 


    WRDW 1630 FM 


    Foxie 103, WFXA 103.1 FM 


    WAKB 100.9 FM 


    WTHB 96.9 FM 


    WTHA 1500 AM 


    WAEG 92.3 FM  


    WKSX 92.7 Oldies  


    WAAW 94.7 


    WAFJ 88.3 


    I Heart Radio 


    WBBQ 104.3 FM 


    WKSC 96.3 FM 


    WSCG 105.7 FM 


    WEKL Eagle 102.3 FM 


    WPRW 107.7 FM 


    WLUB HD.2 106.3 FM