• Student Activities/Recognition

    Chukker Creek strives to make each and every student feel special and important.  Recognition programs are in place to honor/reward students in as many positive ways as possible.  The following activities are some of the ways that students can be involved and earn recognition:

    Accelerated Reader: Earn points and incentives for recreational reading by completing the Accelerated Reader computer tests.

    Awards: Awards Day is generally held on one of the final days of school.  Students are recognized for outstanding accomplishments in academics, citizenship, sports, music, art, perfect attendance, principal's honor roll, and other areas.

    Birthday Celebrations:  Student and employee birthdays are recognized during morning announcements.

    Dance Crew:  Students in grades 4 and 5 can join the dance crew where they learn fun choreographed dances and then perform these dances throughout the year for various audiences.

    Field Day:  All students (K-5) will have the opportunity to participate in Chukker Creek's field day events.  This special day usually falls during the last days of the school year and is coordinated by the P.E. instructor.

    Field Trips:  Every grade level will plan field trips during the year provided the destination is linked directly to a unit of study.

    Good Citizens:  Two exemplary citizens are chosen each month as the "Good Citizens of the Month".  These students receive certificates and incentives.  The guidance counselor coordinates this program.

    Honor Roll:  Students in grades 3-5 who make all A's and B's are recognized for outstanding achievement.

    Library Assistants/Leaders:  Students who fill out an application are selected to assist in the library. The media specialist coordinates this program.

    Musical Performances:  The music teacher coordinates student performances for several grade levels during the year.

    Office Assistants/Flag Helpers:  The 5th grade teachers will coordinate a group of students to share these responsible positions during the year.

    Perfect Attendance:  Students with perfect attendance for the year will be recognized on Awards Day.

    Positive Office Referrals:  Teachers and staff may submit a Positive Office Referral form regarding a speciafic student's achievement, behavior, or character.  An administrator recognizes the student.

    Presidential Academic Fitness Award:  This special certificate, signed by the President, is awarded to all 5th grade students who have consistently made all A's and B's.

    Principal's Pride:  Grades 1, 2, and kindergarten students will have the opportunity throughout the year to earn the privilege to become the Principal's Pride Student of the Week.  Selected students will be the primary helpers and receive special classroom privileges duing their week, along with a special recognition button to wear.

    Reading Programs:  All students are encouraged to participate in reading programs.  Six Flags, Augusta GreenJackets, Cocky's Reading Club, Summer READ-O, and Pizza Hut are some of the many offerings.

    Safety Patrols:  Exemplary students in 5th grade are selected to serve as members of the school safety patrol.  Members assist students and teachers in making certain everyone is getting safely to designated areas in a timely fashion.  This is a valued leadershop roll.