• What is a SIC?

    A School Improvement Council (SIC) is a broad-based advisory body made up of a variety of members of the school community. SICs work with principals and other educators in meeting the identified needs of their schools and to continuously work toward excellence.


    What Does a SIC Do?

    • Provide input into the development of their school’s Five-Year Improvement Plan

    • Set annual goals to support successful implementation of the Five-Year Plan

    • Monitor and report on progress toward SIC and school goals

    • Write and publish the annual SIC Report to the Parents

    • Work with the principal in writing the narrative for the annual SC School Report Card

    SICs serve a vital role in the lives of their schools but do not have any of the powers or responsibilities reserved for local school boards.


    Why is a SIC Important?

    SICs provide additional insight, unique perspective, and vital assistance to educators and students in helping schools reach their achievement goals.

    Repeated research has demonstrated that family and community engagement in schools lays the groundwork for improved student achievement, post-secondary school success, better student behavior, and increased appreciation and support of educational professionals.

  • Current SIC Members

    Amy Gregory - Principal
    Brandon Abbott - Assistant Principal

    Ben Harm - SIC Chairperson

    Jennifer Culpepper - Recording Secretary

    Sherlyn Chapman - Teacher Representative
    Belinda Anthony - Teacher Representative

    Larry Millstead - Community Member

    Larry Millstead- PTO President

    Alison Blanton - Parent Representative
    Alex Luther -  Parent Representative
    Jill Erford - Parent Representative


    SIC Meeting Dates

    Dates:  Fridays  except for January 18th

    2018 - (January 18, February 16, March 16, April 20, May 18)

    Location: Media Center

    Time: 3:15 p.m.


    Model Planning Process for District Strategic and School Renewal Plans

     Click HERE to go to the planning guide:


    2018-19 Annual School Summary Report