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    Welcome to our site's Community Home!

    As the premier educational choice for Aiken County parents and students and also one of the area's largest employers, Aiken County Public Schools strives to be a valued partner with our community.

    That means working with people at the local level to gather input on future District projects, it means collecting important community feedback on existing initiatives and it means giving back to those who are in need through our District partnerships and school-level community service and service learning efforts. 

    Partner with us today as we work to produce the very best citizens of tomorrow! 

    Community Partnerships

    K-Kids  K-Kids, a Kiwanis Club sponsored program) consists of 5th grade students who are involved in helping with various school-based community projects throughout the school year; such as a food drive for Golden Harvest Food Bank, pet food drive for the Aiken County Animal Shelter, and the “Be A Bunny”  project for the United Way

    Good News Club This is a faith-based club sponsored by a local church. Students are invited to attend every Thursday after school.

    Looney Tunes Banking Students learn how to save money by opening a savings account with Security Federal  Bank.  They are allowed to participate by making weekly deposits.  Our fifth graders gain experience by acting as the  bankers. under a bank representative’s supervision.

    Back Pack Lunch  This program provides two weekend lunches per week for many of our students.  The meals are provided by Golden Harvest Food Bank and are financed by St. James Lutheran Church and other members of the community.

    Art Contests and Art Shows Art students at Byrd Elementary participate in various art shows throughout the year including: the Agnes Mark Walter Youth Art Show and Competition, Palmetto Pride “Litter Trashes Everyone” Campaign, the Western Carolina State Fair Art Show and Competition, and the ACPSD Performing and Visual Arts Showcase.