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    Parental involvement is essential for a school to be successful.  At Belvedere Elementary School we depend on the support of our parents.  Parents must be involved in the decision-making too.  One of the ways you can be part of the decision-making is by serving on the School Improvement Council (SIC).

    The School Improvement Council is an elected body that meets monthly at the school.  The SIC consists of parents, teachers and students. The 2020-21 SIC members are:

    Michelle Fowler, Chairperson, Elected
    Tabatha Younts, Vice-Chairperson, Elected
    Phaedra Holtzclaw, Secretary, Appointed
    Summer Babb, Parent Representative, Appointed
    Erica Woehler, Parent Representative, Elected
    Regina Hall, Faculty Representative, Appointed

    Lisa Chapman, Faculty Representative, Elected
    Chris Wyatt, Community Representative Appointed
    Sandy Haskell, Community Representative, Appointed

    Allyson Long, Ex-Officio
    Kimmerie Allen, Ex-Officio
    Lisa Chapman, Member, Ex-Officio (PTO President)

    Link to Meeting Notices, Recordings and Minutes: Link