• CONTENT RECOVERY REGISTRATION - Content Recovery is available to students who have failed a class for the first quarter. Students may complete content recovery for a course to raise their grade for the quarter to 60. Content Recovery classes are held in person during the first week of Fall Break, called Intercession. Intercession is held from Monday, October 2nd through Thursday, October 5th from 8:30 - 3:30pm. Students must finish all assignments, have a passing grade for the course work, and attend every day in order to have their grade raised to a 60 for Q1. Work will be done at school on their school laptops using Edmentum, an online platform. 

      Attendance Recovery will also be completed during this time. Students will be able to recover one class absence for each hour served. Students are required to complete prep work on Edmentum during this attendance recovery time. 

      Lunch will be served every day, free of charge. Bus transportation may be available and will have a strict registration deadline of September 15th. 

      You must register by September 15th. Late registration will not be allowed.  

      Please click on the link below to register:

    • https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=LTBu-BNw9EGZhxwTXOQTK6JJlYE7iV9BrTzEAsK6o81UMkU5UzRNNVpXOVA5VFRVUE80ODdINDk2MS4u