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    Sponsor: Jason D. Redd (jredd@acpsd.net)

    LOCATION: Classroom F-3, Located in F-Wing

    WHEN: 4th Wednesday of the month during ILT/Homeroom


    Engineering Club Purpose

    Purpose à The purpose of the engineering club (build an academic resume, volunteer opportunities, learn more about engineering, etc.)

    Participate à Participate in volunteer opportunities.

    Passion à Discover new and exciting things from various engineering fields.

    Peers à Build positive, working relationships with your peers. Team building activities.

    Potential Skills à Develop new engineering skills.

    Professionalism à Learn and develop soft skills used in a professional setting. Professionalism starts at home.

    Professionals à Hear from professionals working in an engineering field. Architects/Engineers share their experience in college and in their career. Listen to advice/tips from professionals.